Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

As you can see I have been diligently taking pictures. I just have a problem with posting :P

This is a nice warm hoodie!

Can you turn this thing on so I can warm up my buns?

We love our vegs!

I got the nasty paper towels. They will be dead soon!

Rough day so I have to nap it off.

Merry Christmas
Enid, Hester & Red

Thursday, August 12, 2010

All are hale and hearty!

AND bugging me to not watch "Romancing the Stone" Girls, I need some schlock and laughter right now.

Hester: A-HEM! Play with me NOW!!!!!
Enid: Could you give me more food? Not that icky dry stuff but the stuff from the can.
Me: Hester, I just threw a glitter ball in the bed so go get that. Enid, you have had your morning meal with the canned goods you get the dry goods until morning. Please don't wake me at 3 am for your breakfast.
Enid: Nuthin' doin' Red. I am gonna keep waking you up at the ungodly hours since you took me to the vet. I HATE the vet.
Me: Enid, I know she didn't appreciate you bitin
g her the minute she touched you.
Enid: Hehehe. I know but she needed to know that I was in charge.
Me: Enid, she was so nice to you. She called about you everyday...weekends included! Doctors like that don't come along everyday. I thought she was very pleasant and loving to you.
Enid: Meh!
Hester: I couldn't find the glitter ball. Could you toss around the feather for me? I need to run, play, jump and yell!

No more drooling, dribbling, or general badness. Everyone is good and well. Picture time!

Friday, August 6, 2010

If it's not one thing it is another!

Today while getting ready for work I noticed water on the floor. The girls hadn't been playing in the water so where was it coming from I didn't know. I found Enid with drool coming out of her mouth like a mastiff. Puddles of it everywhere. I quickly called the vet to see if it should be something I should worry about. They said come in! So I did. After the vet looked Enid over she said "She is a very secretive cat." Apparently they couldn't see any abcess, tooth problem, cyst, etc. She didn't eat anything bad including poisonous plants. Her stomach and intestines are fine too.

We were sent home with the directive of please watch her and let them know of any changes. I am now living with the drool monster. I came home after work to find the pillow was soaked from Enid's drool. I have puddles of drool on the floor. BUT on the positive front Enid is eating, drinking (!!!), and playing.

I thought perhaps she was bitten by a spider which might cause the drooling but nothing on the internet confirms this. I haven't given her, her flea treatment this month so that isn't it. Sigh. I hope this drooling clears up by tomorrow. It's not fun. BUT I have the most fantastic cats.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Footpad update

Do you mind?! I am chewing on my chew toy. I rested all day so I sort of have a scab on my foot but it isn't nearly as much fun as RUNNING! I don't want any more of that fizzy stinging stuff you put on my foot and other stuff that stings. However, thank you for blowing on my foot to take the sting out and thank you for playing with me too.

Bumps, bruises and cuts

Our 4th of July was eventful and uneventful. I discovered that I am quite equipped to handle all kinds of bumps, bruises and minor scraps. Hester in general Hester glory cut her toe pad when she slipped in the door frame. It is a pretty deep cut but not enough (I think) for the vet to see or stitch up. It didn't bother her at all since she had lots of kittens to watch from the windows. I had feral kittens playing the yard. They were adorable. However Hester began to have a problem with her toe when I discovered blood on the window sill. I immediately fussed with her and stood in front of the kitten TV. Unacceptable to her.

She kindly consented to letting me look, peroxcide and neosporine it. I did that throughout the day and yesterday. She still played hard and ran like the wind. I tried to keep her quiet to get a scab formed. Two day of watching, cleaning and trying to get her to rest are USELESS! I called good friends who are major cat people and SOOPER intelligent. They told me to use New Skin. It was created by vets for animals but it is on the market for people now. I have two applications on Hester's toe. I am hoping it will hold until I get home from work. She is just very active!

The girls weathered the fireworks quite well. Hester slept through most of it. Enid paced and gave me 1 second status reports. Yesterday, Enid became entranced with a cantaloupe that I purchased. I need to remember to bring my camera everywhere with me. She draped herself over the ripening fruit. I think she was telling it that it smelled wonderful.

If you have any hints or tips on keeping a toe pad closed so it can get a nice scab to heal, please let me know!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

She is mine and I will name her Red

Red is mine. M.I.N.E. No one is allowed to touch me. Period. Red keeps inviting people over and they insist on touching me. Some even have the audacity in attempting to pick me up. The horror of it all.

One afternoon Red had her brother over. I don't believe it was her brother. Who would have a brother that is accompanied by two boisterous children and a calm woman who smells like other cats. If that man has cats as he claims he should know you DO NOT scratch my butt without my permission AND you don't pick me up. I am a dignified young lady NOT some beauty to be pawed. *Scoffs* I let this young man know in no uncertain terms that his behavior was unacceptable. I did feel guilty when Red walked in after I hissed and yowled at this man. She was kind enough to reassure me that I was still a good girl and that her brother wasn't listening to me as he should.

Recently she had another guest over and she had the gaul to touch me! How dare she?! Red quickly stepped in to rescue me but it was so fast I couldn't see to clearly that it was Red. I might have hissed at her and for that I am very sorry.

Good people, please admire me and give me praise but don't touch me. Red only gets that priviledge.

Note from Red: This is totally unlike Hester. Perhaps it is my fault since I have a quiet life. Few people visit since we all have different schedules. When Hester is touched or someone attempts to pick her up she makes a distressing cry for help. Poor thing. She really scared my brother when she was picked up. She is just very beautiful so it isn't surprising that everyone wants to be with her.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Me: Yaaawwwnn. Man, I shouldn't have stayed up so late playing Plants vs. Zombies. Yaawwwn. I had (yawn) get the girls their breakfast. (Shuffles off to kitchen). I wonder *yawn* where the girls are? Hester is the first one up to let me know that the alarm hasn't gone off. Hmm. Oh, well. It gives me time *yawn* to wash their dishes, fix their meal and then mine. Oh, coffee sounds wonderful for this morning. YAAAWWWWN.
Enid: Hey, there. Good morning Red. Don't worry about me. I already had breakfast. Oh, you might want to clean up the mess I left. Thanks.
Me: Enid, please don't give me any more heart attacks! AND STAY OUT OF THE CUPBOARDS IN THE MORNING.
Enid: Geez! No need to shout. Guess someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed, eh?
Hester: (from the top of the fridge) Can I have frozen kitten treats for breakfast?
Me: Sigh.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Story

Background information about the house: My house has three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, hallway and a bathroom. Now when they remodeled they made a "doorway" from the kitchen into the 3rd bedroom and removed the door to the 3rd bedroom. This give the house a lovely circular feel and makes the girls happy because they can chase each other around the house without the impediment of running into walls and doors. Still with me?!

The story: I returned home with packages in hand from work and from the store. No kittens to be found. HOWEVER I did find the yarn from my knitting. I became Theseus/Ariadne following the yarn around the house hoping to find the Minotaur AKA THE Kittens so I could kill them. SIX TIMES I followed the yarn around the circular pattern of the house and ending up in the bedroom under the bed where the kittens were grinning and giggling gleefully over their knitted prize...the beginnings of a wooly afghan.

Dratted cats.

Hester: Heeeheheeee. Let's do that again Enid!

Enid: YEAH! That was fun!

Health update: The girls had their belated vet visit and booster shots. As usually everyone cooed over them. However Enid let it be known that she was not a little kitten. She was a newly trapped cougar who would take anyone out if they tried to come close to her. I swear it was like seeing a National Geographic special on cougars. That was my angelic loving Enid. Hester even hissed twice which was shocking since she has sweetest disposition. Diagnosis for the girls was they are in excellent health. Diagnosis for my shirt - covered in cat hair and sporting a few rips after holding Enid back from attacking the vet and the technician.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Message from Enid

Why am I the one to leave the messages to the readers? (Whisperings in the background) Ah, too true. I am the most vocal in all things. Hey, Red could you get your fingers out of my water dish. The nerve of it all. I put that glitter ball in the water dish to get it clean and she goes in and messes it all up. Humans.

First of all, I am apologizing on behalf of Red. She hasn't posted as often as she should. Hmmm, in fact she hasn't been as attentive to us as well. Right, Hester. (Emphatic "Right" in the background). She has informed us that work has really kept her busy. At her place of employment she is holding down two full-time positions and is really looking forward to holding one position where she can really show what she can do and has been trained to do. Nevertheless, she has been diligently taking pictures of us. I think she believes we are still growing but I can assure you that we are not.

Hester here. Pfffff, not getting bigger my little gray nose! Enid's belly is getting bigger.
Enid: Is NOT!
Hester: Is too. You are the only one in the house that eats those icky fattening treats. Folks, they are just DISGUSTING! I never touch the stuff myself.
Enid: They are not disgusting. You eat those "Greenies" and any veggie Red tries to hide from you.
Hester: The proof will be in the pudding when you get weighed on Saturday.
Enid: NOT. Hiiiiiiii-yaaaaaah!
Hester: Oooommmph.
Red: Will you two cut it out I am trying to clean your bedroom! I don't want you wrastlin' in the dirt I just swept up.
E & H together: SHE STARTED IT!

Special note: Hester loves to run around the house with Enid chasing her but Enid doesn't always oblige. Stay tuned for Sunday's post (sans pictures). All my friends laughed their heads off when I told them this story.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lost little kitten boy

After many hours of waiting yesterday, my friend called me to tell me that the little kitten boy disappeared. She had a feeling he went to find a safe place so he could make the journey over the "Rainbow bridge".

I never did meet or see this boy but yet I am saddened by the loss of his presence in this world. I did tell my friend when another little one or several crosses her path to scoop them all up and love them with all her heart or call me.

Thanks for the help. I had better go since Hester is whining at me. I haven't played with her all evening and she believes the world will end if I don't move the string or throw a glitter ball. Enid is happily snoozing away under the blankets. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Drats and help (maybe)

I know you are anxiously awaiting a post about the girls. I have been working hard and I have only just returned home from a conference. I just found out from one of my friends that she found a blind kitten bumping around her house. She put food out for it and if it returns she will catch the poor boy, take him to the vet and then call me.

I am such a soft-hearted girl. I will take this poor boy into my home but my best friend asked those tough questions - what if the girls don't like this kitten, can I afford another kitten, etc.

If I get this kitten who can I take it to be fostered, loved and cared for until he can find his forever home?


Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Lady of the Fat Butt

Someone who shall remain nameless sat on the snooze button of my alarm clock. This meant I was late getting up for work.

Friday, February 5, 2010

A November Day

Enid: Sniff, Sniff. What IS that smell in the kitchen? Red! RED!!!! What are you doing?
Me: I am baking Christmas cookies.

Enid: Sniff, sniff. Ouch. That contraption is hot! Can I lay on your feet and get warm?
Me: Enid! Please don't lay on my feet. ENID! Get your paw out of the batter!!!!
Enid: I was helping you mix it. Pfffft. Some thanks I get for my excellent assistance.
Me: I know you were eating the batter!
Enid: Quality control. You don't want to make something if it isn't any good, do you?
Me: Sigh. Enid, please go play with your sister!

Enid: She is on the table looking at the cookies.
Me: Hester!
Hester: I was just looking. I am not touching. I know better than Enid!

Approximately 15 minutes later

Enid: Mmmmmmmmm. These are YUMMY!
Enid: What?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Funny happenings with Enid

One day my best friend came to visit and to check on the health of Hester. He knows how much these girls mean to me. Our friendship started at the worst of times for me - putting down myfirst two cats - Romulus and Remus (and yes they were twins!)

Any-hoo, he decided he wanted to have tea at my dining room table. So did Enid. Enid isn't one to be left out when there is good tea floating around AND where there is someone at the table to love her. Well, my friend picked her up and put her on the floor. All the while admonishing her for her bad behavior. In Enid fashion, she flicked her tail at him as if to say "F you!"

Tea drinking commenced and Enid snuck around the table and perched herself on the chair behind my friend. As he propped his exposed elbow on the back of his chair Enid pounced. She
bit him in the elbow and trounced off into my lap. It was hysterical! She sat in my lap for a moment and gave me look as if to say "Can I get on the table?" I told her not right now. She gave my nose a lick and went off to play with Hester. My poor friend was shocked and stunned. He also told me I spoil my cats. :P

Isn't she full of innocence? She may appear to be a bit of a fluff-brain but she is very smart.

Little known fact about Enid - she has a blue spot on her belly. I swear! It looks like someone took a blue sharpie and inked her. I would take a picture but she doesn't like anyone to see it least of all me.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Right now the girls are running mad around the house with yowls of glee and play fighting. It is funny because Hester is the loudest runner and when she attacks Enid she huffs.

Latest pictures
It is apparent the girls are telling me to make the bed!

A made bed and Hester is wondering "Did that string just move?!"

Enid: I am not on the fridge. It is a figment of your imagination. Did you know the fridge has a nice hum? I could nap up here. BUT I am not on the fridge.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Road to wellness

Hester is doing so much better. She is eating and drinking. It was truly wonderful to see her drink on her own. I believe it is because she hates the taste of the meds I have to give her.

Enid is ready to romp but occasionally Hester isn't up to it. But Hester is playing, eating and drinking. I am so happy for the health of my little girl. Many thanks for your thoughts and comments. It is greatly appreciated.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Left turn to Alberquerque?

I think Hester has made the left turn is on her way to Alberquerque (Bugs Bunny reference :P)

She didn't have a fever this morning and was quite perky. She nibbled on my ear and tugged my earring as this morning's wake up call. Very purry and full of the marking my glasses, cheeks, and nose. I think she did eat but it was 4:30 am and I wasn't in the mood to get out of bed to check. She has her moments of play (slowly) and she is talking. Still doing the sleeping and not eating and drinking. I am forcing a 1/2 tsp of water down her every hour. I have told her job today is to eat, drink and sleep. She is playing dumb on these orders.

Wanna know how much she has grown? February 14th last year

January 2010. Can we say HUGE. She is my tall lanky girl.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers, again. I can't wait until she is eating and drinking on her own and is bounding around the house.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

a return to the vet

Early this morning Hester's fever returned. I made a trip to the vet. The did x-rays and found nothing. They gave her more medicam (fever reducer) and some more to administer tomorrow. I am to continue with antibiotics and try to entice her to eat. She wants nothing to do with food right now. She also got more fluids injected into her body. Right now I have to wait. They don't know why this is happening.

My poor Hester and poor Enid since she doesn't understand why this is happening.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Sorry for my delayed post but I was so tired I took a long nap with the girls. Shortly after noon with my aunt's help I took Hester's temperature. It was 99.9. Yeah! She has eaten a bit of kibble and is interested in playing even if it is for a nanosecond. However she is sleeping most of the day away. If it makes her better then I am all for it. It still distresses me to see such vivacious girl hit so hard by this illness.

The vet called and told me the blood work was BORING! She said this is really good news. The only interesting finding was that her stress levels were up. She said there really is no explanation for this. Young girls have this problem from time to time that doctors cannot explain. She said continue with the antibiotics and tempt her with food. Most people are shocked that that Hester doesn't have a favorite food or treat since I don't give her treats and she loves kibble. However, I purchased some food that people tell me that the most finicky cats love it and some baby food (sans onions). She turned her nose up to both and turn around to nose the kibble. That's my predictable girl.

I have also purchased a syringe to give her water. I don't get much into her but at least it is something. She is snoozing away on my woolie sweater. Enid is happily purring on the warm television. Enid thinks this is the world's greatest gift to kitty-dom. Nice, warm and some times it hums a good tune.

Thanks for the thoughts, prayers and comments. It is all appreciated. Truly.

Back to the hospital this morning

Since I get up early in the morning I promptly took Hester's temperature. It spiked to 105. Yowsie. I call my vet and they said get to the emergency room now. Fast forward to emergency room. Doctor says she can give Hester more fluids since she is dehydrated again, more antibiotics, and a new drug that can reduce a fever. We do all of that. I have to take Hester's temperature again in 4 hours if it hasn't gone down I have to go back to my vet.

I have to give Hester some oral antibiotics, give her a bed where half of it will contain ice packs. Currently she is sleeping on the ice pack after I shoved it under her butt :P She did come home and nibble a bit of food. I tried to tempt her with some "tuna" food but she doesn't really like wet food or tuna type food. I tried. I will try again.

Hopefully I will see some improvement by noon PST. Some of you wondered if Hester ate some of the insulation. She did not since the installers never came into the house. Thanks for your tips on getting Enid re-acclimated to her "smelly" sister. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts for Hester. I will keep you updated.

Hester update

The vet tech took her temperature and it was 104. Fever! The vet really gave her the once over - felt her up everywhere. He suspects she has infection but he is not 100% sure. We did bloodwork, gave her fluids, antibiotics and appetite stimulants.

I got her home and all the fluids, aka camel hump were gone from her body. She went to get a drink of water which was a good sign. She also fussed with a spoon that I had left on the counter. Water dishes are on counters in my house so needless to say I had to lift her to the counter. I have a water dish in my bedroom so the girls can get a drink while in bed so to speak. I am weird that way. Anyhooo, I gave Hester her pill (appetite stimulant). As of 3 am PST she still hasn't eaten. I have to give her another pill in the morning. I also have to take her temperature in the morning. If nothing has changed I run her back to the vet.

Enid was briefly happy to have her sister home. Later in the evening she approached Hester on the bed and started hissing and growling. She won't go near Hester. She growls, spits and hisses all the time. I don't know what that is all about. Enid won't even sleep next to me because Hester is in the bed. This confuses me. I know Hester smells of "vet" but that smell has diminished and Enid didn't do this when Hester got out of the carrier. Anyone know what this means?

Hester is still lackluster at this point but I am hopeful she will eat tomorrow and have a lower temperature. I still have visions of "she ate something to cause the infection", "I brought something from outside" - meaning I need to clean constantly, etc. All my friends are "it's an infection. Cats have infections and get the flu" I told my BFF that "I haven't done infections. Massive strokes and unknown/undeciferable intestinal blockages which both led to death are what I have done. Infections, not so much.

I will update as needed. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. We need them.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Humble apologies for no updates

I am very sorry to everyone who likes to see how these girls are growing and all their antics. Work has kept me very busy. VERY busy. I typically go home and crash. It is hard doing 2 full time jobs and a part time job at one work place. Whew.

The latest and greatest is the girls are growing and playing. Although as of Tuesday Hester has some problems that have progressed into me calling the vet for an appointment today (Thursday). I had some insulation installed under the house. The contractors didn't enter the house but the noise really stressed Hester out. As of yesterday and today (Thursday) Hester will not eat, drink, jump, play or walk. She just lays in bed. I tried to get some water down her but she was adamant in her refusal. She didn't mind having her teeth brushed since she likes the toothpaste. When she tried to jump on the kitchen table she couldn't. Poor thing. Enid is fine. She is running around like a maniac and talking the whole time. She doesn't seem to be concern about Hester so I suppose that is good news.

On the other hand I am totally scared about Hester. l lost my first set of cats at 3 years of age. They started having problems when they were one years old. My girls are one and this has me on edge. When the girls reach 4 years old I will breathe easy but until that I will watch them like a hawk. I am thankful my best friend will be coming to the vet with me. I think my Dad might turn up at my house unexpectedly to check on Hester and me. He was devastated for me when I lost Romulus (the last of my first two boys). I miss those boys and I love these girls.