Friday, February 5, 2010

A November Day

Enid: Sniff, Sniff. What IS that smell in the kitchen? Red! RED!!!! What are you doing?
Me: I am baking Christmas cookies.

Enid: Sniff, sniff. Ouch. That contraption is hot! Can I lay on your feet and get warm?
Me: Enid! Please don't lay on my feet. ENID! Get your paw out of the batter!!!!
Enid: I was helping you mix it. Pfffft. Some thanks I get for my excellent assistance.
Me: I know you were eating the batter!
Enid: Quality control. You don't want to make something if it isn't any good, do you?
Me: Sigh. Enid, please go play with your sister!

Enid: She is on the table looking at the cookies.
Me: Hester!
Hester: I was just looking. I am not touching. I know better than Enid!

Approximately 15 minutes later

Enid: Mmmmmmmmm. These are YUMMY!
Enid: What?


  1. Oh that is too funny!!! And something of the tone of it reminded me of the (50's? 60's?) original Alvin & The Chipmunks...LOL!

    MCW from TDK

  2. What a fun little tale and a perfect set of pictures to go along with it! Made my Saturday morning. I'm glad Hester is doing so well that you are all having fun again.

  3. Oh so funny I am glad you are back to regular bloging now. Only if Agnes and Henry and Phyliss and Aliens also do that!

  4. So glad to hear that Hester is doing so much better. Love the November story. Enid and Hester have very fun personalities. :)

  5. LOL! Haven't had a discussion like this since Miss Aggie found her furever home.

    Enid, Red has been very patient. Is it wise to push your luck, hon??

  6. There is a LaBath Time lapse video on the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee!!!

  7. Seems like rebecca has beaten me to say it, have a look at that slide show... so lovely

  8. So funny it made us crack up! (KM and her daughter- a true kitty fan!)

  9. I thought about a picture my sister took of my parent's cat this last fall when I read your post.

    I would have embedded this, but google wouldn't let me.

  10. Very nice commentry over the picctures!

  11. I love your story-telling along with the photos.

    So sorry to read of your scare with Hester.
    It is obvious how much you love your girls - it is so hard when we humans who know very little felinese to figure out how to help our babies.

    Love to both for turning into such beauties!


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