Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gratitude for the girls

Despite running all day the girls woke me up last night to hear a potential prowler outside my bedroom window. Both girls growled at the interruption over their purring contest at 2 am on the morning. With the lights on and roaming around the apartment over the incident the girls thought it was time to play. Enid made the glitter ball her enemy and Hester roamed aka ran around the apartment yowling.

Enid is right now trying to entice me to come back to bed so she can snuggle.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas morning

On Christmas Eve I can home safely after visiting my family. I brought with me a throw blanket that has birds, gingerbread men and trees on it. I kid you not this was the girls' reaction

Enid: *Gasp* Gingie-baby! I'm gonna eat your gumdrop buttons! Whaaaaa!
Hester: Birds on the bed! Birds on the bed! *Hopping up and down on the birds*
Enid: Is that a tree I see on the bed?! It needs to be eaten. Get your toes out of the way Blondie!

I would have slept in Christmas morning but someone farted. This was a very rude awakening since the girls sleep next to my head. Not one of the girls owned up to it

Enid: *Nose scrunches up* What the heck is that smell? I bet you it was Hester. She loves those veggies.
Hester: Was not! Enid eats all the junk food and never enough veggies. I love my peas and carrots. It was she who farted!
Enid: Did NOT! *Attacking Hester*

The girls got a lovely meal of healthy veal with veggies for their breakfast. Hester helped Enid out by eating all the veggies and Enid ate Hester's gravy. I am happy that the girls are entertained by the buckets of snow that it's falling since the early morning.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from Enid and Hester

Eating, playing, running, getting into trouble and snuggling is a lot of work on Christmas Day so remember to take naps throughout the day. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Drying racks are not jungle gyms! Get your butt down from there!

Hester: Ah, man! Busted. (She later bit me and hit me when I took it down)
Enid: Hmmm, the quickest way to the top is...SPRAY BOTTLE! RUN!
Since I have been snowed in for the last couple of day the girls have been entertaining me a lot. The laundry jungle gym was just one thing. I felt sorry for the birds with all of this snow so I put out a bunch of bird food. Now the girls have discovered birds. I kid you not when I first introduced them to the birds it was:

Both: OMG! B-b-b-irds. BIRDS! OMG! Do you see the b-b-birds? B-b-blondie, make them stop being all flighty and make them come closer to the window.
Me: Enid when sneaking up on birds we go slowly. 
Enid: BIRDS! *Runs quickly to the window*
Hester: This is how you do it properly *Crouching low and going slowly*

Enid is a good student though. After a few counseling sessions with her she is an excellent huntress. She finally got the message today that you shouldn't swish your tail wildly while watching birds. The cat chatter is funny since the girls haven't lost their squeaky voices. 

I love the squeaky voices. Enid squeaks in her sleep and talks to me about her lost glitter balls. Hester just looks at me to pick her up so she can snuggle. I am very grateful to have these girls in my life. Last night I had an asthma attack after laughing so hard over the fight over the feather toy.  Once I had frantically found and administered my inhaler Hester latched all four of her paws on to my legs to make me sit down just to extract her. She was elusive and crawled up and made me lie down. Trust me when I say this - you don't mess with Hester. Hester put her nose on mine and purred like mad until the medication did it's job. Enid crawled in and held my shoulders down while she had a purr moment too. See, grateful for the girls.

Right now I am trying to teach Enid that chewing electrical cords is a BAD, BAD thing to do. She is a chewer. My Dad bought the girls chicken rawhide sticks so hopefully that will give Enid something to chew on other than me, cords, and her sister. The girls are off the Friskies and on good kibble and wet food. 

Enid: Peas!? Carrots?! These veggies are ruining my beef with gravy. Hester? Can you eat my veggies? I will eat your gravy, okay.
Hester: *Mouth full* Peas, carrots, and beef. Nummy. A little less gravy would be better. I have my girlish figure to maintain.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Declaring war on collars

Enid has declared war on cat collars. I believe she won too since the collars are off. Laurie put lovely collars on them that fit perfectly. Enid found a way to chew on hers and get some of it caught in her mouth. She also hated Hester's collar and ripped it off of her. I know I watched
her do it! *Sigh* I had to take the collars off until they can fit into their new collars.

For the past few nights I have felt...well, looked like Princess Leia with round fluffy purring kitten danishes on either side my head. Of couse that NEVER lasts very long because it truly turns in to the war between the rebels and the empire.  Guess who I am? Yup. Darth Vader. A figure that must be annihilated! The girls are rebels who squabble amongst themselves.

Enid: Ack! Vader's eyes are open. Attack!
Hester: Vader's stole the glitter ball. It's in her hair. It must be saved from her evil clutches!
Me: *Scratching under Enid's chin* Oh, Enid. 
Enid: Sissie! Watch out for her hands. Bite like there is no tomorrow
Hester: Oh, that feels nice. I like the dark side of the force.
Enid: Noooooooo!

I believe the food issue is almost resolved. Both of the girls are chowin' down on the new stuff mixed in with the old. This is the first time I have actually seen Hester eat a whole plate of food! In fact she was so anxious to get the food she tried to climb up my pajama leg. It totally failed when my pajama pants fell down. The look on her face was funny.

Hester: Hey Blondie! You need to wear some pajamas that fit so I can get up to the counter and help you out. Is that oatmeal I smell cooking?
Enid: I'm hungry. HUNGRY. GIMME NOW! Oh, okay. I will look cute and demur but could you hurry up? I am wasting away to nuthin'. I will die if you don't feed me....NOW.

Yesterday since I got a snow day from work (and today for that matter) the girls and I spend the day snuggling together. The snow had some interests for the girls....for only one second because each wanted the coveted spot on my shoulder and under the chin for nap time. I also wrapped presents which was entertaining.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Angelic antics

What you may not know is that while Enid has little angel wings on her back, Hester has large angel wings on her back. She is clearly captivated with the potential of flight.

I really think Enid's "angelic" wings are not so angelic but more impish.

McDonalds or Caviar?

Since getting the girls I have been feeding them Friskies wet food (this is what they were getting from the shelter) and Science Diet kibble. I am diligently working on getting them off the Friskies. Last night was a total flop. Enid is my junk food girl whereas Hester is totally health conscious except when she is trying to steal stuff off my plate.

Enid: Hey! What the hell is this mixed in with my fries? It looks like broccoli. Ew. Thanks but no thanks.
Hester: I am sorry, Roomie. I don't eat fries with my broccoli. Don't you know this by now?! Look if you can't give me something tasty then I am gonna just help myself to your lovely healthy spaghetti. *Nose in the air and walks away from the food dish*
Enid: What's in your cup? It looks like gravy! Yum. I likes gravy. Ahhhh! Coffee with soy milk! Hot! *Achoo, achoo, achoo!* Coffee up my nose. *Shoots me a disgruntled look*
Hester: Since you aren't serving me a plate of spaghetti I will just help myself to your dish.

I have to fight Hester every morning when I eat my oatmeal. I had a senior moment and set my bowl down and came back and there she was chowing down. I can be very grateful that I don't put sugar in my oatmeal but that is not the point. Needless to say Hester is my lean girl and Enid is a bit more substantial.

Right they are completely entertained by the cat tree that I just bought. I don't want them to get any ideas that scratching my apartment's carpeting or my furniture is an acceptable scratching post.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The girls have declared war on my bedside lamps.

Hester: It is mocking me with its yellow glowing light and silver dangly pull cord. Look here blondie, this mocking cannot continue! I must kill it. HI-YAH! *Flying leap with all four paws wrapped around the lamp shade*

Enid: Look at the pretty light. Is my glitter ball in there? My feet are cold, blondie. I will just climb into your pajamas to warm up.
Me: Eeek - cold, wet paws on my body! Hmmm, she is purring so I guess I can survive.

I spend most of the night shooing Hester away from the lamps. There are holes in the lampshades. Sigh. Hester retaliated to my admonishments by trying to rip the curtains down. Enid thought that was great fun and tried to join in on the joy.

I also had to fish Enid out of the toilet last night. She was SO embarrassed and I didn't help matters but laughing my head off. Now before you get concerned about drowned kittens...which is a concern for all kitten owners I always keep the lid down on the toilet. My timing was off last night after chasing Hester away from the entertainment center.
This morning I had to deal with a drenched Hester. She dropped her glitter ball in the shower while I was showering. She was so petrified she couldn't think straight. I had to turn off the shower and get her all dried off and give her damp glitter ball.

So now I break out the "Weapon of Mass Destruction" to discipline the girls - Spray bottle with water. I also have to use their whole name to get their attention when they're in trouble.

Me: Hester Su LaBath! You are too little to jump into the entertainment center.
Hester: I don't think so, blondie! You just watch me!
Enid: Don't forget about me! I can do it too! Watch me!

Enid has almost caught the glitter ball in the couch

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Difficulties with pictures

The problem with these girls is I can't seen to catch a moment to take their picture. They are either sleeping under my chin or running like grease lightning around the apartment. I dare you to try to take a snap shot of a kitten or cat while it is snoring in your ear...or in Enid's case nibbling on my ear while she snoozes. I forgot how much kittens sleep. It seems like they run like the dickens and then plop over for a long nap.

First night was interesting. I could not entice them to come to bed because it was "PLAY TIME"

Hester: OMG! Something is moving in the bed down by your feet. I will kill it for you, blondie!
Enid: Where's my glitter ball? I know I put it someplace safe. Now where was that? *Darts under my pillow* (FYI - she left it in the water bowl)

Later when sleepy time hit it was all about snuggles and making sure the toys were safe from monsters. I was surrounded by glitter and mylar balls. Enid tried to use my hair to cover them up.

Enid (squeaking): I will just snuggle in right here. Could you not breath in my ear? Oh, look something sparkly is in your ear. I bet it is my glitter ball. Let me take that out of your ear. (I yelp from pain because tries to rip my earring out)
Hester (Snoring contentedly)

These girls are not as innocent and cute as they appear to be. I have spent the last 30 minutes admonishing Hester about the dangers of climbing into the entertainment center from the back side. 
Enid spends most of her time with her head in the corner of the couch and her butt sticking straight in the air due to the insidious mouse that is threatening her. I tried to catch a picture of it because it is too funny but she is a quick little thing.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

1st day

They have been running around for first hour that I introduced them to my home. The litter box was a great hit. I think because it is fresh and all their own. 

The drive home was interesting.

Prisoner Enid: *Rattling cup on bars* Let me out. I will never see Johnny Cash in Folsom if you don't let me out.
Prisoner Hester: *Wakes up from nap* Would you SHUT UP! I am sleeping here. The warden said if we took a nap, the trip to our new home would go a lot faster.
Prisoner Enid: I'm gonna die in here. Die, I say. Die. Let me out.
Prisoner Hester: Oh, for the love of God. *Snakes paw out of cell to grab warden's hand and places it on Enid's head.
Prisoner Enid" Oh. That feels nice. *Mumbles quietly" I still want out.

Once out of the prison of the cat carrier it was all *OMG! Toys. Litter box. Curtains. Food. Water (Achoo - water up my nose!) Toys., etc. Running over everything and who could make it to the litter box and back again the fastest. Now they have climbed on to me.

Pause for nap. I am back again. I think I went cross-eyed with love. They curled up under my chin on either side before taking their nap. Enid thought my nose needed some cleaning before snuggling in and Hester just rolled over on my glasses. My eyes glazed over and I fell asleep. I later then picked them up and put them into my bed so I could get some work done. The picture above is the girls waiting for me to come to bed.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

One week and counting

I have one more week left before I "claim" Enid and Hester.  They claimed me when I first visited them. At least I think so. I am excited but very nervous. What if they hate me, what if they don't like the home, etc.!? Needless to say it has been a roller coaster ride trying to get the apartment complex not to rob me blind and agree to cats.  

I have made several purchases over the days such as the necessities - litter box, food, cat carrier and toys. I had to make sure that I got food that Laurie was feeding them so I wouldn't upset their little tummies. One of my best friends is purchasing more goodies for the kittens as my X-mas gift.  I will have to save up for a lovely kitty climbing tree. 

I will have to remember to pick up my things so kittens don't get into too much trouble. It is has been a long time since I have had to pick up my knitting needles and yarn to keep out of the mittens of kittens.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Big deep breath. I am going to be an owner of kittens but I know they will own me. I haven't had cats in about 6 years since my little ones died young. It was a very big step for me to contact Laurie and look at kittens. I am very blessed to have friends and family who will help me with kittens and patient enough not to show up at my doorstep with a bundle of kittens.

I will have to dust off my camera and make an effort to take "good" pictures of the little ones. I hope they will be happy with me. I live in an apartment that juts up on a green belt where the birds and frogs play. The kittens will be up and close to the action. I am thinking of sneaking out and hanging a bird feeder in the birds favorite tree.

I am very grateful that Laurie will hold on to the kittens until I return from my conference. I am also grateful that she was very patient with me when I kept saying "I want this one and that one....wait no, this one and that one....wait no....."