Monday, August 31, 2009

I didn't do anything

Me: Enid. What did you do with your collar?
Enid: Ummm, collar, what collar? I am just playing with my green bouncy snake. Hester has a lovely collar. I never had a collar. I think you love her more than me.
Me: Enid. I bought you a collar but you took it off one night. Don't you remember?
Enid: Ahh, yeah. I do remember.
Me: So where is it?
Enid: I dunno.

Me: Hester?
Hester: Yes.
Me: Where is Enid's collar?
Hester: I dunno but I do know this...this collar is coming off tonight and you will never find it! Mwahahahaha.
Me: Why do you two insist on ditching your collars?
Enid: Collars ruin my hunting.
Hester: The tag gets in my way when I jump.
Me: What am I to do with you too? Come here. I need some snuggles.
Hester: Excuse me. I need to run. Rrrrrooooooarr.
Enid: Waaaaaaiiiitttttt foooorrrrr meeeeeeee

Thursday, August 27, 2009

With a Rebel YELL!

I cry more, more, more TREATS AND GLITTER BALLS!

Whatever, Enid. Scoot over I need more room for my nappage.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Christmas gift decisions

After cleaning up this morning's mess from Hester's midnight raid on the toilet paper stash I have decided to invest in a lock box for me so I can lock up her drug of choice.

Shhhh, don't spread the word but I believe this is what I will do for Christmas.

  1. Invest in a Christmas tree with non-breakable ornaments.
  2. Purchase for Hester two rolls of toilet paper for her enjoyment
  3. Beg Rejuvenations to send me some of their packing material for Enid. (The girl LOVES it) and get an interactive toy so she can run
  4. For myself - knitted Japanese lucky cats to look like Hester and Enid because I am incredibly lucky to have them in my life. HESTER! Drop that roll of paper!

Monday, August 17, 2009

So you won't....

hold me when I request it in the morning. I especially love to be held while you eat breakfast or dry your hair. I do not understand why you can't drop what you are doing and hold me. Do you not understand my needs and wants? It is crucial that I get held for at least 30 minutes at a time every hour on the hour. Red, I think the hair dyes are effecting your ability to reason and to hold me.

In retaliation I will steal all the toilet paper in the house and destroy it!

Note: Hester did find where the toilet paper was stored and destroyed two rolls. I am working on a solution where I can hold her AND eat breakfast at the same time. It is difficult particularly when she insists on giving me buddy bumps between bites and rubbing her cheeks on my nose between sips of the morning hot beverage of choice.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's Hammer Time

You can't touch this....all this good stuff!

Me: Enid, have you been listening to the all 80's radio station on my laptop?
Enid: Break it down!
Me: Oh, Enid.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What's in a name?

The girls have nicknames. They will answer to their given names and nicknames for which I am thankful.

Enid Marie LaBath = Peanut
Hester Sue LaBath = Freckles

Why these names? Laurie christened Enid with the nickname Peanut and it has stuck ever since. Hester has freckles and they are so pretty so I call her Freckles from time to time. I will never change their names since I like their names!

One comment from a reader sparked a thought for me...the personality of the girls.

Hester is the lover. She cannot get enough attention to satisfy her needs. I spend most of my time holding Hester. She purrs and purrs and purrs and occasionally snores but then revs of the motor for more purring. When I visited Laurie, Hester chose me. To her it was a done deal by sitting in my lap and not moving for a while. All the girls were so lovely I just couldn't decide. I finally concluded Enid would be the girl for me and Hester.

Enid is the hunter. If you want something caught and killed, Enid is your girl. She is a might on the pudgy side but QUICK. OH, so quick. She stole a piece of yarn from me. I chased her around the house and still couldn't catch her. She ate the yarn too! She has caught bees, moths, ants, flies, etc. I dread the day a bird gets loose in the house. *Knock on wood* Enid tries to be loving but I think she gets a bit overwhelmed with the amount of attention I will give her. When she asks for it I will relocate Hester to accommodate the little Peanut. She is very affectionate in her own way. She knows I crave the cuddles so to compromise she will lick my nose.

Friends and family think I am the crazy cat lady because of the conversations I have with the girls and the level of spoiling I do. How could you not spoil your friends?

Without further ado I give you Freckles and Peanut...beloved Hester and Enid.

Monday, August 10, 2009

One patch of sun and cleaning house

Enid: I AM NOT MOVING! It is warm here and I want to take a nap. Mop some other time Red. (I have red hair again ... hairdresser cannot decide which is the best color for me)
Me: Enid don't you think you could find better use for your time? Like looking for your collar? You took it off days ago and I still cannot find it!
Enid: Collar? What collar? I don't know of what you are talking about.
Me: Sigh. I am still mopping this floor.
Enid: Try it!

I had to mop around the sunspot. Not even a drop of water made Enid move. Hester waited patiently for me to sweep again so she could chase the broom and sit in the dirt pile.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A day with Dad

FYI this was written in July. The house, the girls and work have kept me away from the computer and the camera.

The girls spend a day with my Dad while he installed our screen door. While my Dad was in the house this is what transpired according to him.

Dad: Enid? What the HELL (he swears when he is annoyed with kittens) are you doing??!!!!
Enid: i kin esplain *mouthful of leather armchair*
Dad: It has better be good and fast!
Enid: Ummmm....ummmmMe: Enid Marie LaBath! *swats Enid's butt* We do not chew the furniture!
Enid: *Looks at Dad* Tattle tale. *Swats Dad's ankle*


I was walking by the front door window and Hester takes a flying leap for my back so she can see outside and watch Dad work.

Me: Gah! Hester. Give a girl a bit of warning!
Hester: I did! What's he doing? I like him. *Purring* This window smells funny. I will mark it with my cheeks.
Dad: Hey there Hester! What you doing? *Tapping the glass and making cooing sounds* GAH! *Runs in to the house* (he got stung by a bee)
Hester: Owie. Let me look at that. Tsk, tsk. It needs a good cleaning. I will clean it for you.
Dad: Thanks Hester.

Hester finding the best spot on the bed...right next to the window.
Enid enjoying the WHOLE bed.
The girl love exploring the recycle bin.