Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sigh. Hester!!!!!!

This morning while getting ready for work Hester decided to climb into the bathroom cabinet. This is a normal occurrence in the morning. Both Enid and Hester will fight over drawer space and who can steal the most Q-tips. However, when I installed this cabinet we had to cut a hole in the base since it had to go over the pipes (1940s house with quirks). It is hole of approximately 12 inches by 4 inches.  Need I explain what happened next?!

Hester wormed her way into the hole and under the cabinet while I was drying my hair. It totally looked like she couldn't get out so I promptly called my father for help. While waiting the (longest) 30 minutes for my father I dug out my "craft saw"to start cutting a new and bigger hole for Hester. She was purring and making biscuits the whole time with the occasional attempts to get out of the pickle she had gotten herself into.

Thankfully my father shows up, pops his head over the counter door and out pops Hester from the hole. It was like watching the birth of a kitten from my bathroom cabinet. First comment out of my father was "We (my mother and him) don't understand how you can be so rational and logical about things in life EXCEPT when it comes to these cats!!! She got in, she can get out don't you know!"

Project for this weekend is eliminating the hole problem. AND here my vet told Hester was overweight (both got a clean bill of heath). Bah! Now, Enid on the other hand.....

Enid: HEY!
Red: Love you Enid and all your little pudgy spots.
Enid: Okay (grudgingly) I am still leaving a wet glitter ball in your bed.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Horror Story by Miss Enid Marie LaBath

The day started out oh, so lovely. The sun was shining, the bumble bees were playing in the plants and I had ring side seats to bees and birds flitting outside the windows. Red even let me eat a LITTLE piece of her pancake. Snuggles, chin scritches, and hearing compliments about how wonderful I am made the day perfect.

Then the skies blackened and became the worst day EVAR!

Red was snuggling with Hester on the bed and I decided it was time for my mid-morning nap. As usual, I indicate to Red that I want to snuggle under the blanket and she is so perfectly trained to assist me. Ah, was it wonderful UNTIL Red picked me up blanket and all and shoved me into a......I can't say it....c-c-c-cat c-c-c-c-arrier. Oooooooo!

I knew at this moment I was going to an awful place. Hester! Save me. Oh, dear. She got you too. Ooooohhh.

The next stop after making it quite clear to Red that I didn't appreciate this type of abuse was the place that smelled of dogs and other cats. I have been here before and I DO NO LIKE IT! As the perfect huntress that I am, someone will be leaving here bloodied and the blood will be on my claws and teeth. These people are not gonna take me without a fight.

I cannot describe the horror of what happened in the room Red took us to. We were perfectly fine in the room by ourselves and Red. She had the audacity to let someone in the room and touch us. I can't go on! First it was Hester. I have to say I am very proud of my sister and the quality hisses she got out and the yell.  However I knew I would be the next victim. I say victim  because Red held me down!!! I will not be held accountable for my actions period. (Red here - I have the wounds to prove it)

To make a long story short - THE DOCTOR touched me!!!!!! Not once, not twice but multiple times. That is not to be tolerated AT ALL.  Once the abuse and torture was completed, Red took us home. After such shockingly disloyal and violation I decided it would be best to ignore her for several hours. It would have worked if she didn't dash out the door for a couple of hours after dropping us off. I think I am going to leave her a little present in her bed in the middle of the night......a wet sopping glitter ball. Take that Red.

Wicker ball is the best substitute for a human head

Just when you thought it was a safe to pick up a shopping bag. I am the ultimate huntress. Don't mess with me!!!!

Red here again - I love this little violent beast. She is incredibly sweet and loving. We have an evening and morning ritual of snuggles. Believe it or not she isn't really that violent except at the vet and sometimes to my brother and father. She loves my friend's 5 year old daughter. Enid will sit right next to this little girl while she plays with the cat toys.