Thursday, August 12, 2010

All are hale and hearty!

AND bugging me to not watch "Romancing the Stone" Girls, I need some schlock and laughter right now.

Hester: A-HEM! Play with me NOW!!!!!
Enid: Could you give me more food? Not that icky dry stuff but the stuff from the can.
Me: Hester, I just threw a glitter ball in the bed so go get that. Enid, you have had your morning meal with the canned goods you get the dry goods until morning. Please don't wake me at 3 am for your breakfast.
Enid: Nuthin' doin' Red. I am gonna keep waking you up at the ungodly hours since you took me to the vet. I HATE the vet.
Me: Enid, I know she didn't appreciate you bitin
g her the minute she touched you.
Enid: Hehehe. I know but she needed to know that I was in charge.
Me: Enid, she was so nice to you. She called about you everyday...weekends included! Doctors like that don't come along everyday. I thought she was very pleasant and loving to you.
Enid: Meh!
Hester: I couldn't find the glitter ball. Could you toss around the feather for me? I need to run, play, jump and yell!

No more drooling, dribbling, or general badness. Everyone is good and well. Picture time!

Friday, August 6, 2010

If it's not one thing it is another!

Today while getting ready for work I noticed water on the floor. The girls hadn't been playing in the water so where was it coming from I didn't know. I found Enid with drool coming out of her mouth like a mastiff. Puddles of it everywhere. I quickly called the vet to see if it should be something I should worry about. They said come in! So I did. After the vet looked Enid over she said "She is a very secretive cat." Apparently they couldn't see any abcess, tooth problem, cyst, etc. She didn't eat anything bad including poisonous plants. Her stomach and intestines are fine too.

We were sent home with the directive of please watch her and let them know of any changes. I am now living with the drool monster. I came home after work to find the pillow was soaked from Enid's drool. I have puddles of drool on the floor. BUT on the positive front Enid is eating, drinking (!!!), and playing.

I thought perhaps she was bitten by a spider which might cause the drooling but nothing on the internet confirms this. I haven't given her, her flea treatment this month so that isn't it. Sigh. I hope this drooling clears up by tomorrow. It's not fun. BUT I have the most fantastic cats.