Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The girls found a Barbie doll baby and have decided it is the BESTEST toy ever! The poor baby doll is missing a few clumps of hair. Enid loves to chew on it A LOT. Hester throws the baby out with the bath water.  Sorry for the blurring pictures but these girls move very very fast.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My daily adventure with Enid and Hester

Long time no post, huh? Life has kept me very busy. According to my friends the girls are growing. I don't see it myself. All I see is the amount of food they are eating. 

Enid and Hester: What is that beeping?! Oh. You are moving. Too fast!!!! We are hungry but still want snuggles.
Me: Groan. *Big sigh* Another day. Enid, can you move over a bit so I can turn off the alarm? Yes, Hester. I would love to snuggle longer but I hear tummies growling.
...So I feed the girls. I turn my back for one second and all the food is gone. 
Enid and Hester: Is there more?
....while getting ready for work
Me: Hester, I would love to hold you all day but I have to work to bring home more food for you and your sister. Enid, I can't brush you right now. Oh, crap. Don't put your glitter ball under my foot. I almost tripped! Hester would you not crawl into the  drawers. It takes time to remove the drawer.

Enid: Throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball. You can throw the mouse too if you want.
Me: Look, girls. I don't particularly enjoy cleaning the litter box but you make it exceedingly difficult by playing in the litter box and watching me.

Afternoon (if I am home)
Hester: I am just gonna curl up right here and take a 2 hour nap. You good with that?
Me: Ummm, Hester. I can't see my book. Mibjngeuiiuvborg. Whew. That's much better. I can talk to you and everyone else if you don't lay on my face. Just sayin'. Ack! Enid! I am not a linebacker. There is plenty of room if you two share me rather than laying on top of each other then fighting over who has the best spot.


Hester: Freeeeeee-doommmmmmm! *Runs out the apartment door* (Thank goodness there is another door before she can ever escape however I think I have tamed her from running out.)
Me: HESTER! Do not snatch food out of the bowl! That's my dinner! (She was stealing seitan and onions. This evening Enid stole lettuce.)

Enid: I'm hungry. Can you rub my belly? Mwahahaha! I attack your hand! Okay, now feed me. (She does a funny head shake when I come home - it is truly indescribable)
Hester: HOLD ME!!!!!
Me: (eventually in bed) HESTER! Stop scratching the head board. ENID! Don't chew on the library book!
Enid and Hester: RUN! Can't catch me!

They keep me busy! My parents just met the kittens a couple of weeks ago. They both approve of their kitten "grandchildren." My Mother especially loves Hester. My Dad is partial to a girl that acts like a dog and plays rough so I suspect he loves Enid the most. He laughed so hard over Enid's antics. When she plays she uses her back foot a lot. The glitter ball is always under her back foot. She stomps on it and then goes completely wacko. Hester is strictly a traditionalist when it comes to playing with toys.

Uh-oh. Silence. They are up to something! Later!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Of Kitties and Friends

Hello everyone! My name is Talanea and I will be your guest blogger today. Enid and Hester's Mom is a little busy this week so she asked me if I could entertain you. So sit back and enjoy the kitties, we hope to have a pleasant time.
I have two kitties (or CATS as my very precise 7 year-old would say). Both are almost 8 years-old and they aren't nearly as adventurous as Enid and Hester.

Oliver (aka Big Kitty)

Mouse (because he's gray, has largish ears and hid in a closet for the first three days after we brought him home)

A version of their day goes something like this:
Morning - The people are awake

Oliver: Great. She's probably going to hug and kiss me again. Drat this massive amount of fluff I have.

Mouse: Whatever. I'm sleeping.

Both: Food, food, food. Don't forget the food.

Morning - The people depart
Nap (preferably in a sun beam when we have any)

Terrorize Stuff (I haven't actually seen this step but I'm sure it happens)

Nap (Hey, where is that sun stuff?)

Terrorize each other (ditto on seeing it)

Look cute because it is almost time for the people to return
Afternoon - The people return
Oliver: Oh man. The little one is going to pick me up again. I'm almost as big as he is. What makes him think he can carry me around.
Mouse: Pay attention to me; but not to much.
Oliver: Arrrgghhh! More hugs, petting, snuggling and fluff fluffing!
Both: Did someone say treat! Meow, meow, purr, purr. Look how cute we are. Life is good. Break out the laser toy!
Oh, DOG!

Evening - The people relax

Both: Food, food, food. Oh, did we mention FOOD!!!!
Oliver: Ah, she's sitting. I wonder if I can lay on the back of her seat right against her head without her moving me or her having to get up.
Mouse: I'll be napping in the corner by the window should anyone need me. Try not to need me.
Oliver: {rolling his eyes. trust me} She's touching me.
As you can see, hardly the excitement that two little kittens generate but they are cute none the less and we are very happy to have them in our lives.

For the record Oliver is the most patient cat I've ever met. He puts up with two active little boys deciding that he either needs to be in the middle of their play space (despite where he wants to be) or that they need to carry him away from their play space for whatever random reason.

Mouse has mellowed with age (skittish doesn't even begin to describe how he was). He was actually letting the little one carry him around in a container the other day. To his credit his look was more disbelief than sheer terror, so we've gone in the right direction.

Now, since I know you didn't come here to hear about my kitties here are some gratuitous pictures of Enid and Hester from Christmas time.

Thank you for spending time with us. Happy midweek!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hester of the Soft Paws

Hester has the softest paws. Not when you touch them (they are soft to touch too) but when she is playing with me. She NEVER uses her claws. She knows that hurts so she keeps her paws soft. I love that she is kind, gentle and patient with me BUT then I know what a trouble maker she can be. This may look like the face of innocence but underneath that beauty lurks a little mischievous girl.

Hester's day is very similar to Enid's. Hester is not much of a talker yet. I am still trying to hear her voice. Her affection and moods are easier to understand.

Hester: Puuurrrrrr. *Murmuring* Blondie you are nice and warm.

Early morning
Hester: I'm gonna get you Enid. Roarrrrr! Blondie just you wait! I will make it to the counter and get your pancakes too! OMG! She is drying her hair with that blowy thing! (Hester loves to sit on my shoulders while I dry my hair - I tried to take a picture but it was too hard to balance Hester while Enid pulled the camera strap). *Gasp* The blonde girl is cleaning our toilet, Enid. Let's watch! Don't leave! You don't have to work! Stay. Stay. I will purr louder if you stay. Can I come too? 

Hester: Flash! Flash! Bright light! Don't do that Blondie!

Hester: Feathers! Hold it higher! I can jump REALLY high!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Get your motor runnin' AKA Enid's daily doings

Enid has a huffy purr and is learning to talk more not only to me but to the birds as well. Enid always has a busy day. Lots of things to do each day.

Early-early morning
Enid: Shove over Blondie! I need a bit more room to sleep *Licks (my) chin* Hester *grumbling* your foot is in my eye.

Early morning
Enid: I'm hungry. Let me show you how hungry I am by laying my stomach on your ear so you can hear my tummy growl. Are you getting up yet??!!! *Grumble* I am just gonna crawl down and nibble on your toes.
Me: Yeeee-oooww!
Enid: Oh, look you are up! Um, I am hungry. Can you give me some food?

Enid: Roar! I kill you glitter ball! *Stomps on it with back feet* Heeeeeesssssttteeeerrrrrrr! Tag you're it! Feathers, nummy. Is that a bird I see in the window? Oh, look a ceiling fan. Blondie!!!!! I am thirsty. Can you turn on the faucet in the bathroom? Better yet, I will sit in the bathtub after your shower. Ah, man! Stop drying me off with a towel, Blondie. I can do it myself.
Afternoon is a repeat of the morning romps.
Enid: Dangit! I don't wanna take a nap! I am NOT cranky and I am NOT, NOT, NOT tired! *Zzzzpurrrzzzzpurrrzzzpurrr*

Late afternoon
Enid: Where are my glitter balls *Wailing* Where are they? Achoo! Hey Blondie! Someone put my glitter ball in the water. Can you get it for me?! Feather toy! OMG, OMG! It MOVES!
That grocery sack you brought in is WONDERFUL! Great for hiding toys and sneaking up on Sister.

Enid: Blondie, why are you doing with that noisy clicky thing that sit on your lap. You pay more attention to that then to me. I am just gonna put my butt down on it and then you have to pay attention to ME. Oooh. Aaahhh. This thing you have in your lap is warm. I see why you like it. Purrrr. Seconds later..... Yaahhhhhh! I can catch you Hester! Minutes later....Throw the mouse! Throw it! Throw it!

Enid: Can I bring some toys to bed, Blondie. Thanks. Move over! You're crowding me but don't stop basking in the beauty that is ME. *Licks (my) nose*