Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Say it isn't so

Me: Enid, you are looking a might pudgy these days.

Enid: Am not! I am perfect for a Queen Kitten. Perfect I tell you.

Me: Um, Enid. Have you look at these pictures of yourself lately

Enid: Cameras add 20 lbs don't you know and I AM SMALL so the camera lens is a gross exaggeration of my true weight and size. *Sticks tongue out at me*

Me: Enid, I don't need a camera to proof you are bit pudgy. I just have to lift you.

Enid: I WORK OUT and have a sensible diet.

Me: Enid, YOU insist that I hold you during MY workout. How can you say you work out?

Enid: It is hard work staying in your arms during your work out. Trust me I know. You know, Red have you looked in the mirror lately. You aren't exactly svelte yourself. AND let me point out that you love snuggling with me at night. Do you want to snuggle with bones or my BEEEEEUUUU-tiful fur or not?

Me: *Sigh* You win but you will work out in the future.

Hester: Tag your it! Can't catch me Enid.

Enid: YES I can! *Runs like mad*

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sun babies

The girls LOVE the sun. My apartment only gets sun in the evening so every drop is soaked up by the girls. I will never dare to move one EVER again. I got promptly reprimanded.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Little helper

While doing the morning laundry Hester decide to help me by bringing me a shirt she thought needed cleaning. I was completely stunned that my photograph didn't turn out the way I expected. I kid you not Hester had my shirt in her mouth and dragged it to the correct pile.

I guess it is her way of saying Happy Mother's Day to their birth mamas, human foster mommas and cat foster mammas.  I don't see myself as a momma but rather as a friend who gets more and more love each day.

Enid: I HELP too don't you know! *Snort*
Me: Yes, Enid you did help by pointing out to Hester which shirt in my closet need to be brought to the laundry.
Enid: That's right. Don't you forget it! *Licks my nose*

Friday, May 8, 2009

Enid Marie LaBath!!!!!

Enid: What?
Me: Did you eat off the tip of my knitting needle?! YOU were seen in the vicinity of the needles.
Enid: Um, nope. Not me. *Burp* Excuse me. I think I have a little heartburn from this morning's breakfast.

Me: You didn't eat breakfast!
Enid: *Burp* Excuse me again. Must have been last night's dinner. Catch ya later Red. Is that new yarn over there?

Postscript: The needles Enid chewed on were my birch wood needles and she didn't eat a lot. The tip was the only piece missing. She is bouncing around as if nothing has happened.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A post with no pictures

There is a story and you will understand why.

Act 1
Enid: Glittery toy. Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh boy.
Hester: Make it go higher. It must fly higher. HIGHER. I can jump and twist and fly, Red. Make it go higher
Enid: Is that a glitter ball over there?
Hester: *Panting* Ahhhh-Ghhhh-Ahhhh-i-Nnnnnnnnn

Act 2
Enid: Oh, yeah, Red. Dangle the glitter toy over my head. I like it when it tickles my belly
Hester: Me, me, me, ME TOO. *Jumping over and snatched glitter toy full of ribbon* Gack, Gack. Ugh.  There.is.something.cough, cough, gack, gack, cough, cough.
Me: Hester! Come here. Enid, please move over.  I have to help your sister.
Enid: Hester! Speak to me. Hester! Are you all right?! Hester!

*I pry open Hester's mouth to pull out a big long string of the glitter/tinsel piece from the toy that she tried to eat unintentionally*

Hester: Cough, cough. YOU PRIED OPEN MY MOUTH! I hate you, Red *stalk off in a huff*
Me: Sorry.
Enid: Hester! She didn't mean it to be mean. Hester, come back.

Act 3 (2 minutes later)
Hester: Red, I missed you. Where I have been? I love you. *Head bumps me* Can you hold me? I need some shoulder snuggles
Enid: Can I have shoulder snuggles too?
Me: I have two shoulders girls and you are welcome to them :D

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What is that swirling down there?

Enid: Hmmm. This look interesting. Achoo! There is water in here. Even more interesting. 
Hester: What you looking at Enid?

Enid: *Distracted* Ummm, water....I think.
Hester: I'm comin' Sissie!

Enid: Oh, oh, oh, oh, OH! I dropped the glitter ball.
Hester: *Gasp*

Enid: Do you see it?
Hester: I think I can reach it.

Enid: Red, this here contraption is off limits until a blue glitter ball can be retrieved.
Hester: Uh-huh. That is right.
Me: I beg to differ girls. *Flushing toilet*
Enid: Noooooooooo!
Me: Enid, the blue glitter ball is right here in my shoe. Right where you dropped it.
Enid: Oh. Thanks. *trotting off with glitter ball*
Hester: Oh, she is so gonna get it. Scaring me like that. Red, I tell you I don't know what to do with Enid. *stomps off*