Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Are we there YET?

Yes, we have moved. After two weeks of non-stop cleaning and renovating I felt it was sufficiently kitten safe to move in.

I m am still looking for the cord to hook the camera to the computer and waiting for internet to be hooked up. We are all very tired and adjusting to this new situation. So girls what do you think?

Hester: Hold me, please? There are lots of strange noises and smells. Please don't leave me. Can I have an area rug in the living room?
Me: Come here, Hester. You snuggle up with me, okay. I will look into area rugs.
Hester: Okay.
Enid: Glitter balls! Wood floors! Fast running! Sliding! A perch in the window! Wooohooo! Can I snuggle up with you too? I heard a loud noise and I think it might be out to eat me.
Me: Yes, Enid but don't bite me.