Sunday, February 12, 2012

My favorite picture of Enid

Since we last made an official post we have acquired a roommate. The Roommate quickly came to the conclusion that Hester has claimed me and only me. Warning to all visitors never approach me when Hester is around me....PERIOD.

Any-hoooo that got me thinking that Enid doesn't get nearly enough face, play and love time. I try very hard to give her just as much attention as possible but Hester is right there in her place. SOOOOO I wish to share my favorite picture of Enid when she was a kitten.

Enid: I am an exceptional huntress. I can even talk with a glitterball in my mouth.  There isn't a glitterball in this house that I haven't conquered!

Note about the glitterball that she is carrying. We still have it but it is the "nattiest" looking glitterball with no glitter left. I tried to trash it and Enid being the huntress fished it out of the garbage.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A resolution!

I hope to post pictures at least once a month of the girls and update the blog. Now we all know it starts with the best of intentions...if I fall behind feel free to poke me!!! Or at least make Enid give me one of these looks.

And let me add - I hate PC's. This picture was rotated correctly and when I load it into stuff it rotates wrongly. Give me my Mac anyday! However with that said, I know many people love their PC. Great but it ain't for me!!!