Saturday, November 14, 2009


Enid, I have an idea! Red is gonna LUV this! Mwhahahahahaha.

Me: What are you two whispering about?
Together: Oh, nuthin' (stifled giggles)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A sad post

This post is for my co-worker who adopted a kitten a week ago. The kitten died yesterday. Her poor young son sat in the corner and cried looking at the pictures on the digital camera. She and her husband tried to do everything they possibly could to save that little beauty. The pet store where they got the kitten had a long history of bad animals, etc. and sending people to a disreputable vet who gave kick backs to the pet store. This poor little girl kitten was a victim as was my co-worker. My deepest condolences to her and her family. All I know is that little kitten is on the "Rainbow bridge" waiting for her family who loved her deeply even for the shortest amount of time.

I love my two little trouble makers with all my being and I am glad they have come into my life.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Guilty or Innocent?

It all started as a typical morning where I am getting ready for work. Showers are a must in the morning for me not only to be clean and warm but also to wake up. While washing my hair I hear "zweeeee, fubbb, fubbb, fubbb. zweeeee, fubbbbbb, fubbbb, fubbbbbb." (If you are a cat owner you will know what that sound is.) I turn my head to see Enid (suspect #1) unrolling the roll of toilet paper while Hester (suspect #2) was trying burrow into the mound of mounting toilet paper. My response of "Ack! You stop that this instance! Roar!" caused a flurry of white furry creatures to flee the bathroom.

Since I cannot deal with the toilet paper until my shower is done, I got back down to business of finishing my shower. First of all the soap had to come out of my hair. It is a this time I had a feeling that something was not right in the world of the bathroom. Bad things were about to happen. I quickly turned to find Hester AKA suspect #2 with my towel in her mouth making a run for the great beyond (the living room).

There I am in the shower with my jaw hanging open, towel-less, a bathroom full of toilet paper, AND the curtains open in the living room. Dare I make a mad dash for the living room to get the towel from Suspect #2 with the chance of her thinking that I was playing with and flee with the towel in some unknown territory OR should I just get another towel from my dresser? EITHER way I am taking the toilet paper with me whether I want to or not.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, you need to decide the innocence or guilt of these two girls. Let me remind you wet toilet paper on any surface is not fun particularly the bottom of your feet. I leave you with images of Suspect #1 and Suspect #2. (P.S. I did not make this story up. It truly did happen.)

Monday, November 2, 2009

No picture post

Sorry I don't have pictures with me. I am slacking off at work. :P

Status update on the girls
  • Hester: the fur on her paw is slowly growing back after being shaved from the wasp nastiness. I still have the occasional escapee wasp get in but this time they are coming via my closet with butts up against the front door of their original entry. However I think I have eliminated the wasp issue.
  • Enid: She still is the diligent of kittens on wasp duty. She immediately lets me know if we have an intruder. She complains the loudest that I don't let her eat her kill or mine. She still loves to bite my Dad and run around the house like a crazy thing.
  • Togetherness: Both girls have become the all-night snuggle bunnies. I don't have room to roll over. I think I need a bigger bed but then they will take up all that more space. I enjoy the snuggles and the early AM purrs and head bumps. Doesn't matter if I haven't gotten much sleep I am always willing to dole out loving pets and scratches. However when I am sleeping I don't appreciate the cleaning of my face....Enid! (Enid: What?! You were dirty and it is my way of giving you kisses! So there.) Now the bad news. Yes, there is bad news. This house has been dramatic in all kinds of ways. The latest is the house has fleas which means the girls have fleas. One flea left a nest of baby fleas on Hester's chin and ate away some of her fur. Poor baby. I have been using Advantage on the girls but I have to kill the fleas in the house. Round three with exterminator coming up! I feel like such a bad care-giver for these girls. Know this - I am trying!
Story before I sign off and getting back to work

Setting: 2 am. Snoozing with beautiful cat ladies (they will always be kittens though).

A clicking sound awakens me. Something starts pulling on my pajama top. First thought is "Someone is in the house and trying to get me" My eyes pop open and quickly try to focus on the danger. Danger is Enid with my pajama button in her mouth trying to rip if off. The look in her eyes says is all - "Wha?"