Friday, June 26, 2009

Incriminating photos

Hester: Gah! Enid! You farted!

Enid: Hester! You used the last kleenex and put it back in the box! Yuck.

Me: Eeeek! Who the heck is that attacking me?!

Both: We are innocent of all evil deeds you accuse us of!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

That's it! I am gonna find the camera!

Me: I am getting that camera so get out of my way girls!

Enid: What did we do?

Hester: Yeah. Why the sudden rush to get the camera?

Me: When I find out WHO TOOK MY CLEAN SOCK TO THE LITTER BOX I am gonna post incriminating photos of you two. It was my clean sock! Why would you take it to the little box?!

*Enid looks at Hester. Hester looks at Enid. Enid and Hester look at me*

Both together: We didn't touch your clean sock.

Me: Riiiiight. I am not buying it. Period. *Walking away*

Enid and Hester commence with the giggling.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Camera is packed

Enid: You packed the camera?! What are you gonna do to document all this cuteness that I have?
Hester: Boxes, boxes, boxes. You aren't leaving me, are you?! Don't leave me. DO NOT Leave MEEEEE!
Me: Hester, I am never leaving you. Enid, I think you can come up with some more cute poses when and if we get into our new home.
Hester: Hold me! NOW!
Enid: Hi-yah! Monkey boy toy will die! Oh, you missed it Blondie. Shouldn't have packed the camera.
Me: Hester, can you wait until I put the coffee cup down. Enid, that was my slipper. *Fur muffled yelps*

On another note - It is official. I do not have Vampire kittens despite the documented evidence when they were younger and love bites I receive in the middle of the night. The proof was in the pudding when I came home tonight. The girls found the garlic bulb and had fun with it. Teeth marks everywhere. Sigh.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A new frontier and new smells

Enid: Hester, is that a bug?
Hester: Ummm, yup.

Enid: Hester. Blondie has been bringing in boxes to the home lately with funny smells on them. I suspect a dog.
Hester: Uh-huh. Can I watch the bug please?
Enid: Um, Hester. Blondie has been stressed lately.
Hester: *Sigh* Yes, Enid.
Enid: Do you think she is gonna leave us?
Hester: *Heavy sigh* No, Enid. We are moving to a new home. She told us. We have to pack our things and move in a week and a half.
Enid: Really?
Me: Yes, Enid. We are moving. You guys will have lots of room to run. We will have hardwood floors. It is an old house and I have lots of work to do on it but it will be ours.
Enid: Whew. Can you pack my toys last please? If you pack them last they will be the first out of the moving truck.
Me: Sigh

Monday, June 1, 2009

The more things change.....

Entertaining Enid remains the same. She loves the tails and Hester is more than willing to taunt, tease and torture her sister.

On another note - I don't have pictures of this incident but toddler Enid is a menace when I am in the kitchen. Today on the first Monday of vacation I was craving chocolate. Why go to the store when I can make vegan chocolate pudding cake?! So I mixed the batter turn my back for a SECOND and turn around to see Enid's little furry face covered in chocolate and a look of sugar induced glee. In a split nano second I had a wet dish rag and a crazed kitten that I was cleaning before she began chowin' down. I am gonna have to move the prep center away from Enid!