Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are you in there Hester?

Enid: HESTER?! Where are you? I have a lovely glitter ball to share with you. HESTER?! Red! RED! Where is my sister!!!!?
Me: Enid, Hester is in the hospital since she got stung by wasp.
Enid: Why? I get stung all the time and you don't take me to the hospital. She must be outside. I think you are lying to me.
Me: Enid. I would not lie to you. She is at the hospital.
Enid: Liar!

Hours later
Enid: Hester! Where have you been?!
Hester: Sigh. I went to the hospital.
Enid: You are such a fibber just like Red. You must have gotten outside OR Red hid you in one of the cabinets. I looked everywhere for you.
Hester: I was at the hospital! I swear!
Enid: Nuh-uh. By the way you smell funny. Did you go to the hospital?
Hester: Sigh. I love you Enid.

Doctor report - He said I got her in just in time. They shaved her paw and looked for the stinger but found nothing. At one point he wasn't so sure it was a wasp and kind questioned me on the phone (I understand doubt). I told him I knew it was a wasp since Enid promptly ate it. Enid loves their crunchiness. So she is home and I have to monitor for the rest of the evening for any problems. The vets told me there should be no problem what-so-ever. :D

Poor Hester, Poor Enid

This morning warranted a frantic trip to the emergency room for Hester. What made it worse I had to travel in the direction of traffic jams. However I made it to the emergency room for Hester and my sakes.

Hester was stung by a wasp and her paw swelled up. Enid promptly ate the wasp (good girl) but she is wandering around crying and looking for her sister. The vet has given Hester a cortisone shot and is in diligent observation...meaning all the vet techs want to hold, cuddle, and console her. She will not be in want of attention should something arise. The vet is fairly positive that she can come home this afternoon.

I have called the exterminators again - he did tell me that it would take several sessions to get rid of the wasps. The renters of this place didn't care about any pests including rats.

Send your snorgles to Hester (for healing) and Enid (for comfort)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

One year old

Dear Readers,

Red is terribly sorry that she hasn't posted often enough. She has been so busy. We don't even get to see her until it is dark. We both know that the house and work are keeping her SO occupied that sometimes we give her a little reprieve by forgiving her for not playing with us one night a week. We really love to play so 6 nights a week is REQUIRED. (Hester: Enid, you have gotten off topic).

Red decided that our birthday will be October 15th. Since we don't know when our birthday is officially we think this is a good day. We are one years old and we don't feel a day over 6 weeks old.