Saturday, November 14, 2009


Enid, I have an idea! Red is gonna LUV this! Mwhahahahahaha.

Me: What are you two whispering about?
Together: Oh, nuthin' (stifled giggles)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A sad post

This post is for my co-worker who adopted a kitten a week ago. The kitten died yesterday. Her poor young son sat in the corner and cried looking at the pictures on the digital camera. She and her husband tried to do everything they possibly could to save that little beauty. The pet store where they got the kitten had a long history of bad animals, etc. and sending people to a disreputable vet who gave kick backs to the pet store. This poor little girl kitten was a victim as was my co-worker. My deepest condolences to her and her family. All I know is that little kitten is on the "Rainbow bridge" waiting for her family who loved her deeply even for the shortest amount of time.

I love my two little trouble makers with all my being and I am glad they have come into my life.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Guilty or Innocent?

It all started as a typical morning where I am getting ready for work. Showers are a must in the morning for me not only to be clean and warm but also to wake up. While washing my hair I hear "zweeeee, fubbb, fubbb, fubbb. zweeeee, fubbbbbb, fubbbb, fubbbbbb." (If you are a cat owner you will know what that sound is.) I turn my head to see Enid (suspect #1) unrolling the roll of toilet paper while Hester (suspect #2) was trying burrow into the mound of mounting toilet paper. My response of "Ack! You stop that this instance! Roar!" caused a flurry of white furry creatures to flee the bathroom.

Since I cannot deal with the toilet paper until my shower is done, I got back down to business of finishing my shower. First of all the soap had to come out of my hair. It is a this time I had a feeling that something was not right in the world of the bathroom. Bad things were about to happen. I quickly turned to find Hester AKA suspect #2 with my towel in her mouth making a run for the great beyond (the living room).

There I am in the shower with my jaw hanging open, towel-less, a bathroom full of toilet paper, AND the curtains open in the living room. Dare I make a mad dash for the living room to get the towel from Suspect #2 with the chance of her thinking that I was playing with and flee with the towel in some unknown territory OR should I just get another towel from my dresser? EITHER way I am taking the toilet paper with me whether I want to or not.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, you need to decide the innocence or guilt of these two girls. Let me remind you wet toilet paper on any surface is not fun particularly the bottom of your feet. I leave you with images of Suspect #1 and Suspect #2. (P.S. I did not make this story up. It truly did happen.)

Monday, November 2, 2009

No picture post

Sorry I don't have pictures with me. I am slacking off at work. :P

Status update on the girls
  • Hester: the fur on her paw is slowly growing back after being shaved from the wasp nastiness. I still have the occasional escapee wasp get in but this time they are coming via my closet with butts up against the front door of their original entry. However I think I have eliminated the wasp issue.
  • Enid: She still is the diligent of kittens on wasp duty. She immediately lets me know if we have an intruder. She complains the loudest that I don't let her eat her kill or mine. She still loves to bite my Dad and run around the house like a crazy thing.
  • Togetherness: Both girls have become the all-night snuggle bunnies. I don't have room to roll over. I think I need a bigger bed but then they will take up all that more space. I enjoy the snuggles and the early AM purrs and head bumps. Doesn't matter if I haven't gotten much sleep I am always willing to dole out loving pets and scratches. However when I am sleeping I don't appreciate the cleaning of my face....Enid! (Enid: What?! You were dirty and it is my way of giving you kisses! So there.) Now the bad news. Yes, there is bad news. This house has been dramatic in all kinds of ways. The latest is the house has fleas which means the girls have fleas. One flea left a nest of baby fleas on Hester's chin and ate away some of her fur. Poor baby. I have been using Advantage on the girls but I have to kill the fleas in the house. Round three with exterminator coming up! I feel like such a bad care-giver for these girls. Know this - I am trying!
Story before I sign off and getting back to work

Setting: 2 am. Snoozing with beautiful cat ladies (they will always be kittens though).

A clicking sound awakens me. Something starts pulling on my pajama top. First thought is "Someone is in the house and trying to get me" My eyes pop open and quickly try to focus on the danger. Danger is Enid with my pajama button in her mouth trying to rip if off. The look in her eyes says is all - "Wha?"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are you in there Hester?

Enid: HESTER?! Where are you? I have a lovely glitter ball to share with you. HESTER?! Red! RED! Where is my sister!!!!?
Me: Enid, Hester is in the hospital since she got stung by wasp.
Enid: Why? I get stung all the time and you don't take me to the hospital. She must be outside. I think you are lying to me.
Me: Enid. I would not lie to you. She is at the hospital.
Enid: Liar!

Hours later
Enid: Hester! Where have you been?!
Hester: Sigh. I went to the hospital.
Enid: You are such a fibber just like Red. You must have gotten outside OR Red hid you in one of the cabinets. I looked everywhere for you.
Hester: I was at the hospital! I swear!
Enid: Nuh-uh. By the way you smell funny. Did you go to the hospital?
Hester: Sigh. I love you Enid.

Doctor report - He said I got her in just in time. They shaved her paw and looked for the stinger but found nothing. At one point he wasn't so sure it was a wasp and kind questioned me on the phone (I understand doubt). I told him I knew it was a wasp since Enid promptly ate it. Enid loves their crunchiness. So she is home and I have to monitor for the rest of the evening for any problems. The vets told me there should be no problem what-so-ever. :D

Poor Hester, Poor Enid

This morning warranted a frantic trip to the emergency room for Hester. What made it worse I had to travel in the direction of traffic jams. However I made it to the emergency room for Hester and my sakes.

Hester was stung by a wasp and her paw swelled up. Enid promptly ate the wasp (good girl) but she is wandering around crying and looking for her sister. The vet has given Hester a cortisone shot and is in diligent observation...meaning all the vet techs want to hold, cuddle, and console her. She will not be in want of attention should something arise. The vet is fairly positive that she can come home this afternoon.

I have called the exterminators again - he did tell me that it would take several sessions to get rid of the wasps. The renters of this place didn't care about any pests including rats.

Send your snorgles to Hester (for healing) and Enid (for comfort)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

One year old

Dear Readers,

Red is terribly sorry that she hasn't posted often enough. She has been so busy. We don't even get to see her until it is dark. We both know that the house and work are keeping her SO occupied that sometimes we give her a little reprieve by forgiving her for not playing with us one night a week. We really love to play so 6 nights a week is REQUIRED. (Hester: Enid, you have gotten off topic).

Red decided that our birthday will be October 15th. Since we don't know when our birthday is officially we think this is a good day. We are one years old and we don't feel a day over 6 weeks old.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Go away

I'm sleeping. It is Labor Day and I will not labor at all. *Yawn, lips smacking and a snore* Everyone enjoy your holiday while I nap and listen to the rain.

Sleepy love and cold wet nose kisses from Hester

Monday, August 31, 2009

I didn't do anything

Me: Enid. What did you do with your collar?
Enid: Ummm, collar, what collar? I am just playing with my green bouncy snake. Hester has a lovely collar. I never had a collar. I think you love her more than me.
Me: Enid. I bought you a collar but you took it off one night. Don't you remember?
Enid: Ahh, yeah. I do remember.
Me: So where is it?
Enid: I dunno.

Me: Hester?
Hester: Yes.
Me: Where is Enid's collar?
Hester: I dunno but I do know this...this collar is coming off tonight and you will never find it! Mwahahahaha.
Me: Why do you two insist on ditching your collars?
Enid: Collars ruin my hunting.
Hester: The tag gets in my way when I jump.
Me: What am I to do with you too? Come here. I need some snuggles.
Hester: Excuse me. I need to run. Rrrrrooooooarr.
Enid: Waaaaaaiiiitttttt foooorrrrr meeeeeeee

Thursday, August 27, 2009

With a Rebel YELL!

I cry more, more, more TREATS AND GLITTER BALLS!

Whatever, Enid. Scoot over I need more room for my nappage.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Christmas gift decisions

After cleaning up this morning's mess from Hester's midnight raid on the toilet paper stash I have decided to invest in a lock box for me so I can lock up her drug of choice.

Shhhh, don't spread the word but I believe this is what I will do for Christmas.

  1. Invest in a Christmas tree with non-breakable ornaments.
  2. Purchase for Hester two rolls of toilet paper for her enjoyment
  3. Beg Rejuvenations to send me some of their packing material for Enid. (The girl LOVES it) and get an interactive toy so she can run
  4. For myself - knitted Japanese lucky cats to look like Hester and Enid because I am incredibly lucky to have them in my life. HESTER! Drop that roll of paper!

Monday, August 17, 2009

So you won't....

hold me when I request it in the morning. I especially love to be held while you eat breakfast or dry your hair. I do not understand why you can't drop what you are doing and hold me. Do you not understand my needs and wants? It is crucial that I get held for at least 30 minutes at a time every hour on the hour. Red, I think the hair dyes are effecting your ability to reason and to hold me.

In retaliation I will steal all the toilet paper in the house and destroy it!

Note: Hester did find where the toilet paper was stored and destroyed two rolls. I am working on a solution where I can hold her AND eat breakfast at the same time. It is difficult particularly when she insists on giving me buddy bumps between bites and rubbing her cheeks on my nose between sips of the morning hot beverage of choice.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's Hammer Time

You can't touch this....all this good stuff!

Me: Enid, have you been listening to the all 80's radio station on my laptop?
Enid: Break it down!
Me: Oh, Enid.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What's in a name?

The girls have nicknames. They will answer to their given names and nicknames for which I am thankful.

Enid Marie LaBath = Peanut
Hester Sue LaBath = Freckles

Why these names? Laurie christened Enid with the nickname Peanut and it has stuck ever since. Hester has freckles and they are so pretty so I call her Freckles from time to time. I will never change their names since I like their names!

One comment from a reader sparked a thought for me...the personality of the girls.

Hester is the lover. She cannot get enough attention to satisfy her needs. I spend most of my time holding Hester. She purrs and purrs and purrs and occasionally snores but then revs of the motor for more purring. When I visited Laurie, Hester chose me. To her it was a done deal by sitting in my lap and not moving for a while. All the girls were so lovely I just couldn't decide. I finally concluded Enid would be the girl for me and Hester.

Enid is the hunter. If you want something caught and killed, Enid is your girl. She is a might on the pudgy side but QUICK. OH, so quick. She stole a piece of yarn from me. I chased her around the house and still couldn't catch her. She ate the yarn too! She has caught bees, moths, ants, flies, etc. I dread the day a bird gets loose in the house. *Knock on wood* Enid tries to be loving but I think she gets a bit overwhelmed with the amount of attention I will give her. When she asks for it I will relocate Hester to accommodate the little Peanut. She is very affectionate in her own way. She knows I crave the cuddles so to compromise she will lick my nose.

Friends and family think I am the crazy cat lady because of the conversations I have with the girls and the level of spoiling I do. How could you not spoil your friends?

Without further ado I give you Freckles and Peanut...beloved Hester and Enid.

Monday, August 10, 2009

One patch of sun and cleaning house

Enid: I AM NOT MOVING! It is warm here and I want to take a nap. Mop some other time Red. (I have red hair again ... hairdresser cannot decide which is the best color for me)
Me: Enid don't you think you could find better use for your time? Like looking for your collar? You took it off days ago and I still cannot find it!
Enid: Collar? What collar? I don't know of what you are talking about.
Me: Sigh. I am still mopping this floor.
Enid: Try it!

I had to mop around the sunspot. Not even a drop of water made Enid move. Hester waited patiently for me to sweep again so she could chase the broom and sit in the dirt pile.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A day with Dad

FYI this was written in July. The house, the girls and work have kept me away from the computer and the camera.

The girls spend a day with my Dad while he installed our screen door. While my Dad was in the house this is what transpired according to him.

Dad: Enid? What the HELL (he swears when he is annoyed with kittens) are you doing??!!!!
Enid: i kin esplain *mouthful of leather armchair*
Dad: It has better be good and fast!
Enid: Ummmm....ummmmMe: Enid Marie LaBath! *swats Enid's butt* We do not chew the furniture!
Enid: *Looks at Dad* Tattle tale. *Swats Dad's ankle*


I was walking by the front door window and Hester takes a flying leap for my back so she can see outside and watch Dad work.

Me: Gah! Hester. Give a girl a bit of warning!
Hester: I did! What's he doing? I like him. *Purring* This window smells funny. I will mark it with my cheeks.
Dad: Hey there Hester! What you doing? *Tapping the glass and making cooing sounds* GAH! *Runs in to the house* (he got stung by a bee)
Hester: Owie. Let me look at that. Tsk, tsk. It needs a good cleaning. I will clean it for you.
Dad: Thanks Hester.

Hester finding the best spot on the bed...right next to the window.
Enid enjoying the WHOLE bed.
The girl love exploring the recycle bin.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Are we there YET?

Yes, we have moved. After two weeks of non-stop cleaning and renovating I felt it was sufficiently kitten safe to move in.

I m am still looking for the cord to hook the camera to the computer and waiting for internet to be hooked up. We are all very tired and adjusting to this new situation. So girls what do you think?

Hester: Hold me, please? There are lots of strange noises and smells. Please don't leave me. Can I have an area rug in the living room?
Me: Come here, Hester. You snuggle up with me, okay. I will look into area rugs.
Hester: Okay.
Enid: Glitter balls! Wood floors! Fast running! Sliding! A perch in the window! Wooohooo! Can I snuggle up with you too? I heard a loud noise and I think it might be out to eat me.
Me: Yes, Enid but don't bite me.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Incriminating photos

Hester: Gah! Enid! You farted!

Enid: Hester! You used the last kleenex and put it back in the box! Yuck.

Me: Eeeek! Who the heck is that attacking me?!

Both: We are innocent of all evil deeds you accuse us of!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

That's it! I am gonna find the camera!

Me: I am getting that camera so get out of my way girls!

Enid: What did we do?

Hester: Yeah. Why the sudden rush to get the camera?

Me: When I find out WHO TOOK MY CLEAN SOCK TO THE LITTER BOX I am gonna post incriminating photos of you two. It was my clean sock! Why would you take it to the little box?!

*Enid looks at Hester. Hester looks at Enid. Enid and Hester look at me*

Both together: We didn't touch your clean sock.

Me: Riiiiight. I am not buying it. Period. *Walking away*

Enid and Hester commence with the giggling.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Camera is packed

Enid: You packed the camera?! What are you gonna do to document all this cuteness that I have?
Hester: Boxes, boxes, boxes. You aren't leaving me, are you?! Don't leave me. DO NOT Leave MEEEEE!
Me: Hester, I am never leaving you. Enid, I think you can come up with some more cute poses when and if we get into our new home.
Hester: Hold me! NOW!
Enid: Hi-yah! Monkey boy toy will die! Oh, you missed it Blondie. Shouldn't have packed the camera.
Me: Hester, can you wait until I put the coffee cup down. Enid, that was my slipper. *Fur muffled yelps*

On another note - It is official. I do not have Vampire kittens despite the documented evidence when they were younger and love bites I receive in the middle of the night. The proof was in the pudding when I came home tonight. The girls found the garlic bulb and had fun with it. Teeth marks everywhere. Sigh.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A new frontier and new smells

Enid: Hester, is that a bug?
Hester: Ummm, yup.

Enid: Hester. Blondie has been bringing in boxes to the home lately with funny smells on them. I suspect a dog.
Hester: Uh-huh. Can I watch the bug please?
Enid: Um, Hester. Blondie has been stressed lately.
Hester: *Sigh* Yes, Enid.
Enid: Do you think she is gonna leave us?
Hester: *Heavy sigh* No, Enid. We are moving to a new home. She told us. We have to pack our things and move in a week and a half.
Enid: Really?
Me: Yes, Enid. We are moving. You guys will have lots of room to run. We will have hardwood floors. It is an old house and I have lots of work to do on it but it will be ours.
Enid: Whew. Can you pack my toys last please? If you pack them last they will be the first out of the moving truck.
Me: Sigh

Monday, June 1, 2009

The more things change.....

Entertaining Enid remains the same. She loves the tails and Hester is more than willing to taunt, tease and torture her sister.

On another note - I don't have pictures of this incident but toddler Enid is a menace when I am in the kitchen. Today on the first Monday of vacation I was craving chocolate. Why go to the store when I can make vegan chocolate pudding cake?! So I mixed the batter turn my back for a SECOND and turn around to see Enid's little furry face covered in chocolate and a look of sugar induced glee. In a split nano second I had a wet dish rag and a crazed kitten that I was cleaning before she began chowin' down. I am gonna have to move the prep center away from Enid!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Say it isn't so

Me: Enid, you are looking a might pudgy these days.

Enid: Am not! I am perfect for a Queen Kitten. Perfect I tell you.

Me: Um, Enid. Have you look at these pictures of yourself lately

Enid: Cameras add 20 lbs don't you know and I AM SMALL so the camera lens is a gross exaggeration of my true weight and size. *Sticks tongue out at me*

Me: Enid, I don't need a camera to proof you are bit pudgy. I just have to lift you.

Enid: I WORK OUT and have a sensible diet.

Me: Enid, YOU insist that I hold you during MY workout. How can you say you work out?

Enid: It is hard work staying in your arms during your work out. Trust me I know. You know, Red have you looked in the mirror lately. You aren't exactly svelte yourself. AND let me point out that you love snuggling with me at night. Do you want to snuggle with bones or my BEEEEEUUUU-tiful fur or not?

Me: *Sigh* You win but you will work out in the future.

Hester: Tag your it! Can't catch me Enid.

Enid: YES I can! *Runs like mad*

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sun babies

The girls LOVE the sun. My apartment only gets sun in the evening so every drop is soaked up by the girls. I will never dare to move one EVER again. I got promptly reprimanded.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Little helper

While doing the morning laundry Hester decide to help me by bringing me a shirt she thought needed cleaning. I was completely stunned that my photograph didn't turn out the way I expected. I kid you not Hester had my shirt in her mouth and dragged it to the correct pile.

I guess it is her way of saying Happy Mother's Day to their birth mamas, human foster mommas and cat foster mammas.  I don't see myself as a momma but rather as a friend who gets more and more love each day.

Enid: I HELP too don't you know! *Snort*
Me: Yes, Enid you did help by pointing out to Hester which shirt in my closet need to be brought to the laundry.
Enid: That's right. Don't you forget it! *Licks my nose*

Friday, May 8, 2009

Enid Marie LaBath!!!!!

Enid: What?
Me: Did you eat off the tip of my knitting needle?! YOU were seen in the vicinity of the needles.
Enid: Um, nope. Not me. *Burp* Excuse me. I think I have a little heartburn from this morning's breakfast.

Me: You didn't eat breakfast!
Enid: *Burp* Excuse me again. Must have been last night's dinner. Catch ya later Red. Is that new yarn over there?

Postscript: The needles Enid chewed on were my birch wood needles and she didn't eat a lot. The tip was the only piece missing. She is bouncing around as if nothing has happened.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A post with no pictures

There is a story and you will understand why.

Act 1
Enid: Glittery toy. Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh boy.
Hester: Make it go higher. It must fly higher. HIGHER. I can jump and twist and fly, Red. Make it go higher
Enid: Is that a glitter ball over there?
Hester: *Panting* Ahhhh-Ghhhh-Ahhhh-i-Nnnnnnnnn

Act 2
Enid: Oh, yeah, Red. Dangle the glitter toy over my head. I like it when it tickles my belly
Hester: Me, me, me, ME TOO. *Jumping over and snatched glitter toy full of ribbon* Gack, Gack. Ugh., cough, gack, gack, cough, cough.
Me: Hester! Come here. Enid, please move over.  I have to help your sister.
Enid: Hester! Speak to me. Hester! Are you all right?! Hester!

*I pry open Hester's mouth to pull out a big long string of the glitter/tinsel piece from the toy that she tried to eat unintentionally*

Hester: Cough, cough. YOU PRIED OPEN MY MOUTH! I hate you, Red *stalk off in a huff*
Me: Sorry.
Enid: Hester! She didn't mean it to be mean. Hester, come back.

Act 3 (2 minutes later)
Hester: Red, I missed you. Where I have been? I love you. *Head bumps me* Can you hold me? I need some shoulder snuggles
Enid: Can I have shoulder snuggles too?
Me: I have two shoulders girls and you are welcome to them :D

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What is that swirling down there?

Enid: Hmmm. This look interesting. Achoo! There is water in here. Even more interesting. 
Hester: What you looking at Enid?

Enid: *Distracted* Ummm, water....I think.
Hester: I'm comin' Sissie!

Enid: Oh, oh, oh, oh, OH! I dropped the glitter ball.
Hester: *Gasp*

Enid: Do you see it?
Hester: I think I can reach it.

Enid: Red, this here contraption is off limits until a blue glitter ball can be retrieved.
Hester: Uh-huh. That is right.
Me: I beg to differ girls. *Flushing toilet*
Enid: Noooooooooo!
Me: Enid, the blue glitter ball is right here in my shoe. Right where you dropped it.
Enid: Oh. Thanks. *trotting off with glitter ball*
Hester: Oh, she is so gonna get it. Scaring me like that. Red, I tell you I don't know what to do with Enid. *stomps off*

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Let me help, Red!

You forgot a few of the sheets for the washer. I will get them for you. I am a good helper.

Enid: PULL HARDER, Hester! Pull!

Monday, April 27, 2009

What did you say?

A new home? Are we moving? I can take my paper sack, right?

Enid: Is there more room to run? I like to run. I am not much of a hopper. Running is my gig.

Me: It is a possibility girls. We want the home safe and sound before we buy it. I am trying to think of all of us when I look at homes. Our BFF said this one home that I am trying to get looks cute and that you girls will love it.

Hester: Well....okay but I get to take my paper sack, right?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Once a vampire always a vampire

Do you not see the two puncture holes on the latest victim?

Here is the victim being taken away to be fed upon in the middle of the night. Blurriness of the photograph is due to the fact that kitten vampires are VERY fast.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hey, good looking, what ya got cookin'?

Me: Enid, it is spinach. Cats like tuna, chicken, duck, know all things that fly, swim or walk.Enid: Really? I guess that's why I like biting you.
Me: I DON'T COUNT! You can't eat me.
Enid: Why not? *Head tilts to the side*
Me: Ummm, ummm. Because I said so.
Enid: Seems silly to me but okay. Red, I really do like this green stuff. Can we make an exception for this food?
Me: Oh, I guess so. *Sigh*
Enid: You know what would go great with this?! A side of salmon. *Giggle*

Hester: Hey! What are you two talkin' about? *Sniffs the spinach* What is this stuff?
Enid: Spinach! It's yummy! You want some?
Hester: Umm, thanks but no. Not after you LICKED it Enid. *Looks expectantly at me*
Me: Oh, all right. You get a little fresh leaf too.
Hester: Pssst, Enid. You got some of that green stuff stuck in you front teeth.