Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Right now the girls are running mad around the house with yowls of glee and play fighting. It is funny because Hester is the loudest runner and when she attacks Enid she huffs.

Latest pictures
It is apparent the girls are telling me to make the bed!

A made bed and Hester is wondering "Did that string just move?!"

Enid: I am not on the fridge. It is a figment of your imagination. Did you know the fridge has a nice hum? I could nap up here. BUT I am not on the fridge.


  1. Hurray!!! Looks like happy, healthy kitties! :)
    Thanks for the update

  2. It looks like Hester is back to normal :)

  3. Does Hester have a speckly sock? Or has she been mudding again?

    I love Enid's attitude. It's warm up here. Go 'way.

    They're both so pretty, and it's so good to see them up and happy again!

    THANK YOU for the update!

  4. Good to see Hester is back to normal and Enid has her playmate back!

  5. Glad to see pictures of Hester all better!

  6. awwy cute pics of tha cat they are adorable liked tha blog


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