Friday, January 15, 2010

Hester update

The vet tech took her temperature and it was 104. Fever! The vet really gave her the once over - felt her up everywhere. He suspects she has infection but he is not 100% sure. We did bloodwork, gave her fluids, antibiotics and appetite stimulants.

I got her home and all the fluids, aka camel hump were gone from her body. She went to get a drink of water which was a good sign. She also fussed with a spoon that I had left on the counter. Water dishes are on counters in my house so needless to say I had to lift her to the counter. I have a water dish in my bedroom so the girls can get a drink while in bed so to speak. I am weird that way. Anyhooo, I gave Hester her pill (appetite stimulant). As of 3 am PST she still hasn't eaten. I have to give her another pill in the morning. I also have to take her temperature in the morning. If nothing has changed I run her back to the vet.

Enid was briefly happy to have her sister home. Later in the evening she approached Hester on the bed and started hissing and growling. She won't go near Hester. She growls, spits and hisses all the time. I don't know what that is all about. Enid won't even sleep next to me because Hester is in the bed. This confuses me. I know Hester smells of "vet" but that smell has diminished and Enid didn't do this when Hester got out of the carrier. Anyone know what this means?

Hester is still lackluster at this point but I am hopeful she will eat tomorrow and have a lower temperature. I still have visions of "she ate something to cause the infection", "I brought something from outside" - meaning I need to clean constantly, etc. All my friends are "it's an infection. Cats have infections and get the flu" I told my BFF that "I haven't done infections. Massive strokes and unknown/undeciferable intestinal blockages which both led to death are what I have done. Infections, not so much.

I will update as needed. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. We need them.


  1. Last time I took Kate to the vet, Jack hissed at her for the next 4 days. I thought something was wrong with him so I took him to the vet. Nothing. Zero. Nada. He was fine. Brought him home and he was completely back to normal. I wouldn't worry too much about Enid if she is behaving normally in other regards. It may just take a couple of days.

  2. In my experience, the hissing thing varies in length from cat to cat, vet visit to vet visit. It's a scent thing so the medication might slightly alter a scent and that can take a bit of time to register as, "Hey, dummy, I'm Enid." As a deeply neurotic cat watcher I fully understand your hovering. What can I say-- they depend upon our reading and understanding their signals and acting appropriately when something is amiss.

  3. It can be the meds she is on are oozing a sticnky smell that Enid hates. Did the vet check to make sure Hester did not eat any of the insulation? We will keep you in our prayers.

  4. It could be the combination of meds and vet smell. Also being sick can just change the smell of a cat. Keep us updated - get well soon Hester!

  5. I know the last time I took one of my girls to the vet, the other one hissed, growled and slapped a lot when we got home. I read on the internet that it was a vet smell thing and to rub a towel back on forth on each of them to transfer the smells. I also read that anal gland smells will cause it too, and the vet had suppressed those. Noodle acted the fool for about a day before she realized, "Oh, you aren't an intruder. You are my sisfur." I kept telling Noodle that she needed glasses.

    Hugs to you and your girls. Keep us posted. I feel like I know you through this blog.


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