Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Story

Background information about the house: My house has three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, hallway and a bathroom. Now when they remodeled they made a "doorway" from the kitchen into the 3rd bedroom and removed the door to the 3rd bedroom. This give the house a lovely circular feel and makes the girls happy because they can chase each other around the house without the impediment of running into walls and doors. Still with me?!

The story: I returned home with packages in hand from work and from the store. No kittens to be found. HOWEVER I did find the yarn from my knitting. I became Theseus/Ariadne following the yarn around the house hoping to find the Minotaur AKA THE Kittens so I could kill them. SIX TIMES I followed the yarn around the circular pattern of the house and ending up in the bedroom under the bed where the kittens were grinning and giggling gleefully over their knitted prize...the beginnings of a wooly afghan.

Dratted cats.

Hester: Heeeheheeee. Let's do that again Enid!

Enid: YEAH! That was fun!

Health update: The girls had their belated vet visit and booster shots. As usually everyone cooed over them. However Enid let it be known that she was not a little kitten. She was a newly trapped cougar who would take anyone out if they tried to come close to her. I swear it was like seeing a National Geographic special on cougars. That was my angelic loving Enid. Hester even hissed twice which was shocking since she has sweetest disposition. Diagnosis for the girls was they are in excellent health. Diagnosis for my shirt - covered in cat hair and sporting a few rips after holding Enid back from attacking the vet and the technician.


  1. I am dying laughing! SIX TIMES!?! You need to put up a camera...I see a future for these kitties on you-tube. Maybe you need some more kittens to keep these two busy...heh heh.

  2. Only 6 times? I tat and Reilly (Maine Coon) wrapped my thread around the kitchen table and chair way too many times to count. Let's just say I cut the wraps and tossed the thread becaus enow I had NOTHING to work with...I learned to use boxes to hide my thread...

  3. Wonderful story and wonderful fun (for E & H, anyway). So good to see these wonderful posts again.

  4. That is hilarious! As for the vet, my darling Q, who would present his belly and endure me dressing him up, scared the living day lights out of the vet techs. Even on the day of his crossing the Bridge, at the ripe old age of 17, weighing barely 10 lbs if that, he managed to spook the vet tech. Fierce kitties rule!

  5. Fierce kitties do rule, and they're so sweet at home. They make themselves the best kept secrets. I love the yarn story. Soooo cat.

  6. Catching up here but just had to stop at this post to say... OMG! Our remodel just opened up the first floor to a "round about." And I just took up crochet again. Your timely tale may have just averted disaster!


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