Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lost little kitten boy

After many hours of waiting yesterday, my friend called me to tell me that the little kitten boy disappeared. She had a feeling he went to find a safe place so he could make the journey over the "Rainbow bridge".

I never did meet or see this boy but yet I am saddened by the loss of his presence in this world. I did tell my friend when another little one or several crosses her path to scoop them all up and love them with all her heart or call me.

Thanks for the help. I had better go since Hester is whining at me. I haven't played with her all evening and she believes the world will end if I don't move the string or throw a glitter ball. Enid is happily snoozing away under the blankets. Thank you.


  1. Oh, I can imagine how you and your friend are feeling right now. Hugs to both of you. And prayers that the little boy had a peaceful journey if Rainbow Bridge was, indeed, his destination. (There's a piece of me that's hoping and praying someone else scooped him up and is loving him right now!)

  2. I hope he turns up again. I have to go hug my kitty now. :/ He's a rescue, and I was just lucky he was still there when I went to find him again after seeing him abandoned in a national park.

    Tracy sends rumbly purrs to you and Enid and Hester!

  3. We hope that the little kitty boy is safe, either at the Bridge as the newest little angle or with someone else.

    Sending purrs to you, your friend and the girls,

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  4. I hope the little kitty boy is safe also. I have three girl kitties, two boy kitties, three boy dogs and one girl dog. When they come my way, I just cannot give them up.

  5. (((hugs)) and virtual scritches and cuddles to Enid and Hester.

  6. Oh you've seem to spammed! Btw.. why no news from the girls. missing their adventures. hope things are ok


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