Monday, April 27, 2009

What did you say?

A new home? Are we moving? I can take my paper sack, right?

Enid: Is there more room to run? I like to run. I am not much of a hopper. Running is my gig.

Me: It is a possibility girls. We want the home safe and sound before we buy it. I am trying to think of all of us when I look at homes. Our BFF said this one home that I am trying to get looks cute and that you girls will love it.

Hester: Well....okay but I get to take my paper sack, right?


  1. I'm sure you'll get a great kitty-friendly home, paper bags and all!

  2. And don't forget - lots of toilet paper rolls. The details are important.

  3. Your kitties are still as precious as the first day I saw them on IBKC. I'm having tons of fun following their blog.

  4. Oh fun! A whole new place for the girls to explore and all sorts of new nooks and crannies to investigate. Sounds very exciting :) Oh, and Red, if you happen to get somewhere with hardwood floors (or any slippery floor), it will guarantee hours of entertainment...nothing funnier than kitties running full tilt on wood floors and paws sliding every which way!

  5. If you get hardwood floors, be sure to give the girls plastic bottle caps. They'll be swatting them around like hockey pucks all day and night long.

  6. Home is where you put your paper bag.

    Fingers crossed for you three to find just the right place and have a smooth move-in.

    A friend of mine did the unthinkable by managing to unpack everything just two weeks after moving in, but left the boxes out for several months. Her cat had so much fun climbing the boxes and leaping from one stack to another that she didn't have the heart to put them away until the novelty wore off and she could install his own set of climbing towers.


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