Friday, April 10, 2009

Thank you Enid

Thank you for bringing me a towel while I take shower. I really appreciate it however can you wait until I get OUT of the shower before bringing me a towel?

Enid: Uuuuuuhhh, sure okay. *Blink, blink* Have you seen Hester? I think she has my glitter ball.

Me: Sigh.


  1. mine bring their toys into the tub. many a time have I stepped on a wet toy rat, and because of the shampoo in my eyes, almost had a heart attack. at least yours are trained to bring something useful to the table. the timings just a little off. ;0)

  2. Wow, my kitties won't come withing 5 feet of the shower! I think they're worried they may be yanked in for a bath :) Love your conversations with your kitties...they're always so entertaining :)

  3. How is Enid? Will you let us know how things went at the vet's office? I have high hopes that the lump is innocuous, but I'd love to hear for sure. Keeping a good thought in the meantime . . .


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