Friday, April 17, 2009

Night moves

Work has been decidedly a hell on earth so I am thankful for friends, family and KITTENS.

Last night the girls' conversation in cuddle mode was amusing.

Hester: Ah. Nice spot to snuggle with Red. *Snuggles into the side of my head with a sigh of contentment*

A head pops up at the end of the bed

Enid: HEY! That's my spot! *Hops to the head of the bed*
Hester: Well, your name wasn't on it AND I was here first.
Enid: Nuh-uh! It's my spot. Even Red knows it. Drats she sleeping. IF she wasn't sleeping she would SO be on my side! Move it!
Hester: Nuthin' doin' Sistah!

Enid promptly lays on top of Hester. (Okay the weight of the kittens pressing into my head is not so much of a good thing.) Hester bites Enid in the butt and Enid bites my ear. Growling
from all parties commence.

Me: All right!!! Everyone out of the pool! *Pick both up and put at the end of the bed*

Enid: *located on the left side of my legs* Now look what you did, Hester. I can't believe I am related to you. Pffft.
Hester: ME?! It was clearly your fault not mine *located on the right side of my legs*
Enid and Hester: Revenge. Kill the feet of Red!
Me: For the love of.......!
Hester: We are going to sleep on the couch! *Sticks tongue out*
Enid: Yeah!


  1. I love it when kitties sleep with their paws slung over their face, as if they just can't face the reality that comes from opening their eyes. Great post!

  2. i had a dream that my toe was caught in something, which was odd for just one toe, and when i woke up, it was in my cat's mouth... she's just gnawing away happily through the sheet! that's okay, i wasn't sleeping or anything!

  3. haha... great conversation. I think 9 and Chani do that every morning. Chani lays claim to my neck first, goes under covers and 9 decides that Chani under the sheets is the best target to pounce ever!


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