Friday, April 10, 2009

Toy of Madness

So here is the FAV toy that will render the girls into beggary.  It attaches to a string wand so I can flick it all over the room. Enid will totally flop over and cry if it doesn't come out of its hiding place or when it get returned to its hiding place. Hester on the other hand is learning how to open the door so she can get it herself. How thoughtful of her...NOT.

After taking this picture....10 nanoseconds later the girls were all over it.

Enid then got a little wild and I could hear "Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, MINE, MINE, MINE!!"


  1. My cats have the same toy. They LOVE it. As soon as I open the closet door they come running because they know that is where I stash it. It is a great toy.

    How did Hester make out at the vet?

  2. How thoughtful of Hester to try to learn how to open the door and find her toy :) If they like this toy, they would love a toy called "Da Bird"...I got it for my cats and was amazed to see my lazy Persian cats perform acrobatic feats worthy of an Olympic gold medalist.

  3. Gimme. No, you gimme. We can hear the conversation over at our place. What a fun toy and we can't wait to see more picture of the playing.

    Is Hester's bump on her back? Charlemagne had one and it turned out it was his microchip - it moved from where it started out. We hope that Hester is okay.

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  4. It is Enid who has the Hester does too. It is both in their right flank. I am beginning to think it is a delayed reaction to the rabies shot. Enid goes to the vet on Saturday.

  5. Oh, that's a relief that it's on both of them. Maybe being related, they have the same likelihood of reacting to the shot, so as long as it's not a serious reaction, that's good.

    Let us know what the vet says!

  6. That toy looks really fun! Everything that glitters is gooood!


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