Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hey, good looking, what ya got cookin'?

Me: Enid, it is spinach. Cats like tuna, chicken, duck, know all things that fly, swim or walk.Enid: Really? I guess that's why I like biting you.
Me: I DON'T COUNT! You can't eat me.
Enid: Why not? *Head tilts to the side*
Me: Ummm, ummm. Because I said so.
Enid: Seems silly to me but okay. Red, I really do like this green stuff. Can we make an exception for this food?
Me: Oh, I guess so. *Sigh*
Enid: You know what would go great with this?! A side of salmon. *Giggle*

Hester: Hey! What are you two talkin' about? *Sniffs the spinach* What is this stuff?
Enid: Spinach! It's yummy! You want some?
Hester: Umm, thanks but no. Not after you LICKED it Enid. *Looks expectantly at me*
Me: Oh, all right. You get a little fresh leaf too.
Hester: Pssst, Enid. You got some of that green stuff stuck in you front teeth.


  1. Aww, little vegan princesses. What a good day they've had.

  2. Karen - I had a big orange tabby who came running when the bag o' lettuce came out of the fridge. He LOVED his greens. The vet said it was okay to give it to him - just not too much. But he loved it. His brofur looked at it like - what's that?!?!? there's just no tellin'. I've enjoyed followin' your girls sine they were IBKCs! Keep up the good work!

  3. ...and I thought all cats are really picky eaters...

  4. Should your dear kitties ever ask again why they shouldn't eat you, you should say it's because you feed them. Thanks for keeping us up with the antics of these lovely (angelically winged) girls.

  5. Cats are omnivores - they eat anything. Greens can be from the grocery store or the expensive rosemary plant you just bought....

  6. My marmie boy Danny always went WILD for canned green beans.

  7. One of my cats, Ruby, just likes cat food and turkey. But Jasper loves chips, pizza, bagels, cookies, etc. He also enjoys shrink wrap and rubber bands, so I have to be very careful. No veggie-loving cats here.

  8. I'm glad you went to the ever so popular mom-answer "because I said so" when Enid was inquiring about your edibleness :) Our first cat ate anything and everything under the sun...I think Lentil Soup was a particular favorite of hers...the only thing that made her really sick was salmon...go figure!

  9. at my house, 2 of the 3 boys love spinach, but all three adore red or green leaf lettuce -- that is "prime treats" at our house!!

    thank you for sharing your girls with us!!

    Dunlap TN


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