Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This is NOT the face of innocence

Hester: *Giggling* I can open doors now. I am SO very proud of myself. Red doesn't need to get my toy out anymore. I CAN do it myself. Hey Enid! I will open the bathroom door for you if you need it.  Ooooooh! If the door is unlocked I can escape the compound. Woooohoooo.  Oh and Red that plant you stuck on the 7 ft entertainment center.....I killed it for you. I didn't like the way it was looking at you the other day. No need to thank me.


  1. Super Hester. Defender of all things innocent. Take that you evil plant!

  2. Red, are you sure Hester is saying all these things? I mean, look at that innocent face...how could anyone with such a sweet and innocent expression do all those things? Those eyes, that little nose, that sweet mouth...sigh...

  3. The evil plant had to die.

    Maybe its time to invest in some childproof covers for the doorknobs. I had to by a latch for the freezer. Jack is heavy enough if he jumps from the cabinet down to the top of the fridge and lands just right, he can open the freezer. He did it in the middle of the night once and I awoke to a thawing out freezer.

  4. Hester, you are such a smart girl! Unfortunately or fortunately, my two do not know how to open doors yet. Dash out as soon as the door opens, yes... but opening them... no, thank goodness.

  5. Door opening is a great skill to have, but for some reason, it seems to upset the humans. We figured out how to open cupboard doors to get the kitty food and the big pocket door to get out into the construction zone - Momma was upset about both!

    What a beautiful girl you are, Hester, and obviously quite smart!

    Charlemagne and Tamar


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