Sunday, December 7, 2008

One week and counting

I have one more week left before I "claim" Enid and Hester.  They claimed me when I first visited them. At least I think so. I am excited but very nervous. What if they hate me, what if they don't like the home, etc.!? Needless to say it has been a roller coaster ride trying to get the apartment complex not to rob me blind and agree to cats.  

I have made several purchases over the days such as the necessities - litter box, food, cat carrier and toys. I had to make sure that I got food that Laurie was feeding them so I wouldn't upset their little tummies. One of my best friends is purchasing more goodies for the kittens as my X-mas gift.  I will have to save up for a lovely kitty climbing tree. 

I will have to remember to pick up my things so kittens don't get into too much trouble. It is has been a long time since I have had to pick up my knitting needles and yarn to keep out of the mittens of kittens.


  1. Those little girls will be thrilled with their new home, just so long as they are loved there. I swear, that's all it takes, beyond the basics of food and shelter. And, they'll be together. They seem to be quite close, and that will also make all the difference.

  2. Oh Karen, I know the feeling of being excited and nervous at the same time when bringing home a new kittie...we've done it four times already and each time the exact same excitement and nervousness...are the kitties going to be happy, are they going to like it here, and so on...and every single time it has turned out to be the best thing ever :) All they really need is to feel loved and safe...and it seems like Enid and Hester already have a loving Forever Mommy so it'll all be fine :)

  3. This must be so exciting for you, Karen! You sound just like our visitors at the Cattery. Those "what if's" keep abounding. But have no fear, the girls are staying together, and you sound like the perfect mommy for them. I said my goodbyes to them earlier this week. I miss my angel Enid most of all (don't tell Hester).
    We're all eager to follow their new adventures and look forward to photos and tidbits about them. Saturday is almost here!!

  4. Do you hear the sound of finger tapping?? tap..tap..tap..


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