Friday, December 19, 2008

Declaring war on collars

Enid has declared war on cat collars. I believe she won too since the collars are off. Laurie put lovely collars on them that fit perfectly. Enid found a way to chew on hers and get some of it caught in her mouth. She also hated Hester's collar and ripped it off of her. I know I watched
her do it! *Sigh* I had to take the collars off until they can fit into their new collars.

For the past few nights I have felt...well, looked like Princess Leia with round fluffy purring kitten danishes on either side my head. Of couse that NEVER lasts very long because it truly turns in to the war between the rebels and the empire.  Guess who I am? Yup. Darth Vader. A figure that must be annihilated! The girls are rebels who squabble amongst themselves.

Enid: Ack! Vader's eyes are open. Attack!
Hester: Vader's stole the glitter ball. It's in her hair. It must be saved from her evil clutches!
Me: *Scratching under Enid's chin* Oh, Enid. 
Enid: Sissie! Watch out for her hands. Bite like there is no tomorrow
Hester: Oh, that feels nice. I like the dark side of the force.
Enid: Noooooooo!

I believe the food issue is almost resolved. Both of the girls are chowin' down on the new stuff mixed in with the old. This is the first time I have actually seen Hester eat a whole plate of food! In fact she was so anxious to get the food she tried to climb up my pajama leg. It totally failed when my pajama pants fell down. The look on her face was funny.

Hester: Hey Blondie! You need to wear some pajamas that fit so I can get up to the counter and help you out. Is that oatmeal I smell cooking?
Enid: I'm hungry. HUNGRY. GIMME NOW! Oh, okay. I will look cute and demur but could you hurry up? I am wasting away to nuthin'. I will die if you don't feed me....NOW.

Yesterday since I got a snow day from work (and today for that matter) the girls and I spend the day snuggling together. The snow had some interests for the girls....for only one second because each wanted the coveted spot on my shoulder and under the chin for nap time. I also wrapped presents which was entertaining.


  1. Thank you for the updates! I miss hearing about the lovely LeBaths ladies and it is fun to hear about their rambunctious antics! Do enojy it- this special time when they are babies passes so quickly!

  2. Oh what talented young ladies...they can fight the empire AND help wrap presents...all in a day's work :) The bit about your pajama pants and Hester's, umm, shall we say downfall was hilarious :) The look on her face must have been priceless :)

  3. I was laughing out loud at the pyjama episode :) Love your recaps of their adventures - thanks!

  4. Oh jeeze,how cute is that? Albert was a leg crawler too. I'm not sure if he got too heavy or if my constant yelping finally convinced him quit this painful habit. Now, if only elvis would stop jumping on my back everytime i bend over...what a pain free life I'd lead. Dang Kitten claws!

  5. Kittens as Princess Leia earmuffs, now there's an idea!!

    And did I detect some hand knitted goodies going into the Christmas parcels? Seems Darth is a dab hand with the needles!!

    Merry Christmas one and all!

  6. These are just about the cutest cats imaginable. Keep up the stories, please!

  7. Hah! What a lively pair of troublemakers.

    I can see that your girls see their angel wings as merely a suggestion. :-)

  8. Hi Blondie!
    I really enjoy your blog about the antics of those 2 gorgeous girls & thanks for the pics & stories. I was interested to read that you plan to feed them on kibble. Please don't take this as a criticism - I'm just another crazy cat lady myself trying to make sense of all the sometimes very conflicting info out there & do the best for MY girls - but I've just read a book called "Your Cat" by Elizabeth M Hodgkins,a vet, and she is very critical about kibble. Something about the protein/carb ratio being wrong for a carnivore like a cat & how it is sprayed with chemicals to make it tasty. Its really made made me think that wet food is best. Obviously that is just one person's opinion but it was such a co-incidence that I read it as you were changing their diet I felt I should pass it on & I hope you don't mind.
    Maybe this is the wrong forum to discuss this but I'd like to know what other people think...We all want our babies to be around to misbehave for as long as possible.

  9. anon - Of course you're right that there is so much information out there about what is best to feed our loved ones. There are a number of very healthy options for dry food. They're more expensive than the crappy stuff, but well worth the investment. Shop at the pet stores that are geared toward such things and always check the ingreients. No by-products or chemicals! And by all means always feed canned food as well. The moisture content is critical for kitties in addition to what they get from their water bowl.


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