Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas morning

On Christmas Eve I can home safely after visiting my family. I brought with me a throw blanket that has birds, gingerbread men and trees on it. I kid you not this was the girls' reaction

Enid: *Gasp* Gingie-baby! I'm gonna eat your gumdrop buttons! Whaaaaa!
Hester: Birds on the bed! Birds on the bed! *Hopping up and down on the birds*
Enid: Is that a tree I see on the bed?! It needs to be eaten. Get your toes out of the way Blondie!

I would have slept in Christmas morning but someone farted. This was a very rude awakening since the girls sleep next to my head. Not one of the girls owned up to it

Enid: *Nose scrunches up* What the heck is that smell? I bet you it was Hester. She loves those veggies.
Hester: Was not! Enid eats all the junk food and never enough veggies. I love my peas and carrots. It was she who farted!
Enid: Did NOT! *Attacking Hester*

The girls got a lovely meal of healthy veal with veggies for their breakfast. Hester helped Enid out by eating all the veggies and Enid ate Hester's gravy. I am happy that the girls are entertained by the buckets of snow that it's falling since the early morning.


  1. Merry Christmas Karen, Hester and Enid. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season full of fun and games and mischief and toys!

    Karen, your descriptions of the girls' antics just crack me up...thanks for sharing their adventures with us :)

  2. I can't say that I've made a study of the topic, but I bet that there's not a single Christmas carol about waking up to the smell of kittens farting.

  3. i will echo all the previous sentiments that your accounts are lively and entertaining! you really have given the girls their voices, not to mention matching personalitites. hope you had the merriest of christmases, with great measures of purring and frolicking. sorry for the cat fart thing - yeah, that's a rude awakening. i have to say i luckily have never experienced that with my three kitties :) here's to many years of mischief, cuddles and love.

  4. Love your girls!

    Patti in Kentucky

  5. Merry (belated) Christmas to all three of you girls. Thanks, Karen, for letting us continue to follow their antics. And so glad you were able to get out for Christmas Eve. We've been snowed-in too.
    New Years in coming ~ any champagne for the girls? :)


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