Wednesday, December 17, 2008

McDonalds or Caviar?

Since getting the girls I have been feeding them Friskies wet food (this is what they were getting from the shelter) and Science Diet kibble. I am diligently working on getting them off the Friskies. Last night was a total flop. Enid is my junk food girl whereas Hester is totally health conscious except when she is trying to steal stuff off my plate.

Enid: Hey! What the hell is this mixed in with my fries? It looks like broccoli. Ew. Thanks but no thanks.
Hester: I am sorry, Roomie. I don't eat fries with my broccoli. Don't you know this by now?! Look if you can't give me something tasty then I am gonna just help myself to your lovely healthy spaghetti. *Nose in the air and walks away from the food dish*
Enid: What's in your cup? It looks like gravy! Yum. I likes gravy. Ahhhh! Coffee with soy milk! Hot! *Achoo, achoo, achoo!* Coffee up my nose. *Shoots me a disgruntled look*
Hester: Since you aren't serving me a plate of spaghetti I will just help myself to your dish.

I have to fight Hester every morning when I eat my oatmeal. I had a senior moment and set my bowl down and came back and there she was chowing down. I can be very grateful that I don't put sugar in my oatmeal but that is not the point. Needless to say Hester is my lean girl and Enid is a bit more substantial.

Right they are completely entertained by the cat tree that I just bought. I don't want them to get any ideas that scratching my apartment's carpeting or my furniture is an acceptable scratching post.


  1. Karen, I love your posts!
    Please be resolute in the matter of getting them off Friskies and other 'supermarket' food -I got my two to make the change when they were 10 (!) years old and it has made such a difference - at 15, they are almost as energetic as kittens!

    Happy holidays!

  2. Karen, you and your little angels just crack me up...each post is funnier than the last :) Love how their personalities are so different. The coffee drinking part was so funny I almost choked on my morning coffee...I had a cat who looooved coffee and as soon as anyone set their cup down, her head would be squished into the cup and her tongue would be lapping as fast as she could (knowing she'd be caught in seconds) :)

  3. I am LOVING this blog!!!

    Jennifer / MCW on The Daily Kitten

  4. i love your blog! Go Enid and Hester! :)

  5. Oh I am SO glad you're writing your adventures - it means so much to those of us who fell in love with the IBK to get to watch them in their Forever Homes! Every minute of every day is enhanced by feline company, as you've already found! Those babies are adorable, and you have the fond support of ALL of us, I feel confident in saying that! (Nothing like speaking for a bunch o' people you don't know!) Oh - I don't know if this'll work for those little treasures, but I sat my Evangeline down when she came home and explained that, as a Knitter's Cat, she was *not* to play with yarn. SHE DOESN'T!! (No one could be more surprised than I, but it worked! - of course, when we brought home was a little different; we lucked out, though, and Lil takes her cues from Ev.) Usually, Sometimes. Now and then. And my water spritz bottle is never too far :o)

  6. I love this blog!

    I know the food bit. My almost 11 year old girl has a food allergy to gluten, so I am an avid reader of labels. I've tried almost them all. Believe it or not, the best food she tolerates and will eat is Purina Pro Plan formulas - both wet and dry. What's even better is her blood work is perfect, and she is thriving.

    Gracious me. My kitties have been more of a challenge in the food department than my daughter when she was young and finicky. So, I totally empathize with you!

  7. Dale-Harriet,

    Thanks for the tip. I will have to talk to the girls about my knitting. They just discovered it yesterday. The embroidery is gonna be a difficult one to explain. :D

  8. Maybe you could get them onto a healthy wet food, such as grain-free Wellness. My vet told me that a lot of cats that eat only dry kibble are dehydrated, since cats get most of their moisture from food.


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