Sunday, December 14, 2008

Difficulties with pictures

The problem with these girls is I can't seen to catch a moment to take their picture. They are either sleeping under my chin or running like grease lightning around the apartment. I dare you to try to take a snap shot of a kitten or cat while it is snoring in your ear...or in Enid's case nibbling on my ear while she snoozes. I forgot how much kittens sleep. It seems like they run like the dickens and then plop over for a long nap.

First night was interesting. I could not entice them to come to bed because it was "PLAY TIME"

Hester: OMG! Something is moving in the bed down by your feet. I will kill it for you, blondie!
Enid: Where's my glitter ball? I know I put it someplace safe. Now where was that? *Darts under my pillow* (FYI - she left it in the water bowl)

Later when sleepy time hit it was all about snuggles and making sure the toys were safe from monsters. I was surrounded by glitter and mylar balls. Enid tried to use my hair to cover them up.

Enid (squeaking): I will just snuggle in right here. Could you not breath in my ear? Oh, look something sparkly is in your ear. I bet it is my glitter ball. Let me take that out of your ear. (I yelp from pain because tries to rip my earring out)
Hester (Snoring contentedly)

These girls are not as innocent and cute as they appear to be. I have spent the last 30 minutes admonishing Hester about the dangers of climbing into the entertainment center from the back side. 
Enid spends most of her time with her head in the corner of the couch and her butt sticking straight in the air due to the insidious mouse that is threatening her. I tried to catch a picture of it because it is too funny but she is a quick little thing.


  1. It's lovely to see the little girls in their new home! I can't decide who is luckier - you to have them, or them to have you. Either way, I hope you all enjoy your new life together.

  2. Welcome to the world of kitten-motherhood! Thanks for sharing their lives with us! I'm looking forward to seeing Enid in the corner of the couch.

  3. Oh Karen, your descriptions of their daily activities is just so funny! Looks like all three of you are having a blast :) Looking forward to reading more about their antics :)

  4. Look at those freckles on Hester's arm. Precious.

  5. Neither of my cats are snugglers so I am super jealous of all the kitten love you get. They are such darlings and scamps too :)

  6. oh my goodness! They're getting so big! Thank you so much for sharing your kitties!

  7. Congratulations! You are now thoroughly owned by cats!


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