Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The girls have declared war on my bedside lamps.

Hester: It is mocking me with its yellow glowing light and silver dangly pull cord. Look here blondie, this mocking cannot continue! I must kill it. HI-YAH! *Flying leap with all four paws wrapped around the lamp shade*

Enid: Look at the pretty light. Is my glitter ball in there? My feet are cold, blondie. I will just climb into your pajamas to warm up.
Me: Eeek - cold, wet paws on my body! Hmmm, she is purring so I guess I can survive.

I spend most of the night shooing Hester away from the lamps. There are holes in the lampshades. Sigh. Hester retaliated to my admonishments by trying to rip the curtains down. Enid thought that was great fun and tried to join in on the joy.

I also had to fish Enid out of the toilet last night. She was SO embarrassed and I didn't help matters but laughing my head off. Now before you get concerned about drowned kittens...which is a concern for all kitten owners I always keep the lid down on the toilet. My timing was off last night after chasing Hester away from the entertainment center.
This morning I had to deal with a drenched Hester. She dropped her glitter ball in the shower while I was showering. She was so petrified she couldn't think straight. I had to turn off the shower and get her all dried off and give her damp glitter ball.

So now I break out the "Weapon of Mass Destruction" to discipline the girls - Spray bottle with water. I also have to use their whole name to get their attention when they're in trouble.

Me: Hester Su LaBath! You are too little to jump into the entertainment center.
Hester: I don't think so, blondie! You just watch me!
Enid: Don't forget about me! I can do it too! Watch me!

Enid has almost caught the glitter ball in the couch


  1. Oh my goodness, Karen, I'm sitting here in front of my computer laughing my head off...Husband and the three cats are rolling their eyes! Your little angels' antics are just too funny and your writing is absolutely hilarious...love love love hearing about their adventures...we've always had adult cats so I'm just totally fascinated by your kitten tales :) Please keep them coming :)

  2. OY, adorable kitten butt! I'm glad you all are doing so well, toilet trauma and all. Oh, and Elvis said to tell you that he thinks Hester Sue is a total babe.

  3. Hahaha!! Great story, Karen. Ahhh... kittens! My kittens could always disappear into any space, no matter how tiny. I remember finding my little girl cat in a SHOE one time, after I had spent a panicky half-hour searching the apartment for her...

  4. Good googely moogely! Every single human being that has raised a kitten has gasped a collective empathetic gasp at your girl's hi-jinx! Now we all know why kittens are so cute. That is so they will survive their kittenhood!

    Thank you for sharing your stories with us! They (as the kids say) ROCK!

  5. What a wonderful way to start a day (by reading this hilarious blog, I mean). Karen, I completely empathize with you. I remember when I had my own babes, they were so absolutely adorable yet I couldn't wait for them to grow up just a little more so I could trust them (just a little more). Thanks so much for sharing.

    Awen, you took the words right out of my mouth ~ good googely moogely!

  6. Hello :) I am really enjoying hearing all about the Enid and Hester's antics - they sound so much fun.

  7. I love these little stories. The idea of poor little Hester panic stricken in the shower is so sweet and funny and sad. There is nothing cuter than a kitten.

  8. LOL! Not much to add, except that shot of Enid in the couch is priceless... her little wings...*sigh*

  9. I love the kitten tales. The mischief can be maddening, but look at those sweet faces. It makes up for it, doesn't it.


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