Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Drying racks are not jungle gyms! Get your butt down from there!

Hester: Ah, man! Busted. (She later bit me and hit me when I took it down)
Enid: Hmmm, the quickest way to the top is...SPRAY BOTTLE! RUN!
Since I have been snowed in for the last couple of day the girls have been entertaining me a lot. The laundry jungle gym was just one thing. I felt sorry for the birds with all of this snow so I put out a bunch of bird food. Now the girls have discovered birds. I kid you not when I first introduced them to the birds it was:

Both: OMG! B-b-b-irds. BIRDS! OMG! Do you see the b-b-birds? B-b-blondie, make them stop being all flighty and make them come closer to the window.
Me: Enid when sneaking up on birds we go slowly. 
Enid: BIRDS! *Runs quickly to the window*
Hester: This is how you do it properly *Crouching low and going slowly*

Enid is a good student though. After a few counseling sessions with her she is an excellent huntress. She finally got the message today that you shouldn't swish your tail wildly while watching birds. The cat chatter is funny since the girls haven't lost their squeaky voices. 

I love the squeaky voices. Enid squeaks in her sleep and talks to me about her lost glitter balls. Hester just looks at me to pick her up so she can snuggle. I am very grateful to have these girls in my life. Last night I had an asthma attack after laughing so hard over the fight over the feather toy.  Once I had frantically found and administered my inhaler Hester latched all four of her paws on to my legs to make me sit down just to extract her. She was elusive and crawled up and made me lie down. Trust me when I say this - you don't mess with Hester. Hester put her nose on mine and purred like mad until the medication did it's job. Enid crawled in and held my shoulders down while she had a purr moment too. See, grateful for the girls.

Right now I am trying to teach Enid that chewing electrical cords is a BAD, BAD thing to do. She is a chewer. My Dad bought the girls chicken rawhide sticks so hopefully that will give Enid something to chew on other than me, cords, and her sister. The girls are off the Friskies and on good kibble and wet food. 

Enid: Peas!? Carrots?! These veggies are ruining my beef with gravy. Hester? Can you eat my veggies? I will eat your gravy, okay.
Hester: *Mouth full* Peas, carrots, and beef. Nummy. A little less gravy would be better. I have my girlish figure to maintain.


  1. Awwwww

    what lovely little girls they are!!

    Merry Christmas ladies!!!

  2. Oh, the kitty chatter is the best. It's like a little kitty vocal machine gun, eh-eh-eh-eh-eh. Next to stinky face, one of my all-time fave cat traits.

  3. One of my girls is a chewer too. The green apple stuff didn't work. So we had to buy this black tube stuff at an auto supply store -- it reminds me of a thin plastic dryer vent hose -- and wrap it around all of the exposed cords. She chewed through modem cords, clock radio cords, and phone charger cords before we found this stuff. She did get shocked once but that didn't deter her. Luckily she wasn't harmed. It's cheap and it works!!!

  4. It is great to be owned by cats!

  5. Try putting red pepper flakes around the cords.
    Or get try clear plastic mailing tubes.
    The teehting is adult teeth coming in - good luck!


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