Saturday, May 2, 2009

What is that swirling down there?

Enid: Hmmm. This look interesting. Achoo! There is water in here. Even more interesting. 
Hester: What you looking at Enid?

Enid: *Distracted* Ummm, water....I think.
Hester: I'm comin' Sissie!

Enid: Oh, oh, oh, oh, OH! I dropped the glitter ball.
Hester: *Gasp*

Enid: Do you see it?
Hester: I think I can reach it.

Enid: Red, this here contraption is off limits until a blue glitter ball can be retrieved.
Hester: Uh-huh. That is right.
Me: I beg to differ girls. *Flushing toilet*
Enid: Noooooooooo!
Me: Enid, the blue glitter ball is right here in my shoe. Right where you dropped it.
Enid: Oh. Thanks. *trotting off with glitter ball*
Hester: Oh, she is so gonna get it. Scaring me like that. Red, I tell you I don't know what to do with Enid. *stomps off*


  1. I love your posts! You're a great storyteller :)

  2. Ha ha - I love Enid and Hester's conversations

  3. Sweet girls - love their spunk! And they have new collars!

  4. Red, you and your girls are just too funny! I just love their antics :)

    By the way, I'm really glad the photos didn't end up with one or both falling into the bowl :)

  5. You definitely have some entertainers!


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