Friday, May 8, 2009

Enid Marie LaBath!!!!!

Enid: What?
Me: Did you eat off the tip of my knitting needle?! YOU were seen in the vicinity of the needles.
Enid: Um, nope. Not me. *Burp* Excuse me. I think I have a little heartburn from this morning's breakfast.

Me: You didn't eat breakfast!
Enid: *Burp* Excuse me again. Must have been last night's dinner. Catch ya later Red. Is that new yarn over there?

Postscript: The needles Enid chewed on were my birch wood needles and she didn't eat a lot. The tip was the only piece missing. She is bouncing around as if nothing has happened.


  1. In her defense have you talked to her about not touching the knitting needles? You warn her about the yarn but I'm not sure you've specifically forbidden her from 'checking out' the needles.
    'Tis all in the details you know. :)
    See, now don't you feel bad for yelling at the poor innocent little kitten?
    Want to change your B-day request? I can get knitting needles instead. hehe

  2. My dear Best Friend of all time, Talanea! We have had a discussion on knitting yarn and needles. They both have expensive tastes in yarn and needles. I knitted them a glow in the dark yarn ball. Do they touch it, play with it???!!! No. They want the cashmere wool sock yarn. It is the same with the needles. Sigh.

  3. I hope they weren't metal needles...

  4. My goodness, what a guilty looking girl! :)

  5. Oh, the poor misunderstood little angel kitty! She was just trying to learn more about and truly digest your hobbies!

    Or just trying to be a little troublemaker, but that's not the way she likes to tell the story.

  6. Oh, poor little Enid...look at her trying to give you her best "I'm innocent" look. Don't worry Enid, we believe angel like you would never do something so naughty, especially after Red has had "the talk" with you about yarn and needles and all such things...right?

  7. It is amazing what a cat will nibble on. The oddest for us was a reindeer antler attached to my step-dad's grow light. He kept yelling at us for turning it or off until he noticed the tip was being gnawed off. Turns out all four cats were helping!


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