Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Say it isn't so

Me: Enid, you are looking a might pudgy these days.

Enid: Am not! I am perfect for a Queen Kitten. Perfect I tell you.

Me: Um, Enid. Have you look at these pictures of yourself lately

Enid: Cameras add 20 lbs don't you know and I AM SMALL so the camera lens is a gross exaggeration of my true weight and size. *Sticks tongue out at me*

Me: Enid, I don't need a camera to proof you are bit pudgy. I just have to lift you.

Enid: I WORK OUT and have a sensible diet.

Me: Enid, YOU insist that I hold you during MY workout. How can you say you work out?

Enid: It is hard work staying in your arms during your work out. Trust me I know. You know, Red have you looked in the mirror lately. You aren't exactly svelte yourself. AND let me point out that you love snuggling with me at night. Do you want to snuggle with bones or my BEEEEEUUUU-tiful fur or not?

Me: *Sigh* You win but you will work out in the future.

Hester: Tag your it! Can't catch me Enid.

Enid: YES I can! *Runs like mad*


  1. Red! How could you even imply that Enid doesn't have a supermodel figure? I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked! She's right...the camera adds a gazillion pounds and the pictures have been Photoshopped to make her look *gasp* pudgy...it's a smear campaign, I tell you!

    Enid, you are a supermodel! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise...now here's some fatty tuna for a treat, you poor starving little sweetheart.

  2. I have to agree with Enid -- perfect, we say, perfect!!

    and it is very generous of her to help you in your exercise program -- wiggly weights are a good part of any workout!!

    (from a woman who has 3 rescued boys, now aged 6.75 and the lightweight is 14.5 pounds....)

    Dunlap TN

  3. I never noticed before that Enid had black toes. White feet + black toes = megacute.

  4. She's darling, but a teensy weensy diet wouldn't hurt. Perhaps a diet of wet food and a little sprinkling of dry? Dry is much more fattening and less nutritious. It's easier to catch a weight problem before cats become older and less physical.

  5. Enid, you're just beautiful as you are. Hester seems to keep you busy running around and that working out with your mom is hard work!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  6. Enid -- tell Red that there is just more of you to love!!!


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