Monday, May 4, 2009

A post with no pictures

There is a story and you will understand why.

Act 1
Enid: Glittery toy. Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh boy.
Hester: Make it go higher. It must fly higher. HIGHER. I can jump and twist and fly, Red. Make it go higher
Enid: Is that a glitter ball over there?
Hester: *Panting* Ahhhh-Ghhhh-Ahhhh-i-Nnnnnnnnn

Act 2
Enid: Oh, yeah, Red. Dangle the glitter toy over my head. I like it when it tickles my belly
Hester: Me, me, me, ME TOO. *Jumping over and snatched glitter toy full of ribbon* Gack, Gack. Ugh., cough, gack, gack, cough, cough.
Me: Hester! Come here. Enid, please move over.  I have to help your sister.
Enid: Hester! Speak to me. Hester! Are you all right?! Hester!

*I pry open Hester's mouth to pull out a big long string of the glitter/tinsel piece from the toy that she tried to eat unintentionally*

Hester: Cough, cough. YOU PRIED OPEN MY MOUTH! I hate you, Red *stalk off in a huff*
Me: Sorry.
Enid: Hester! She didn't mean it to be mean. Hester, come back.

Act 3 (2 minutes later)
Hester: Red, I missed you. Where I have been? I love you. *Head bumps me* Can you hold me? I need some shoulder snuggles
Enid: Can I have shoulder snuggles too?
Me: I have two shoulders girls and you are welcome to them :D


  1. So sweet! My Jack is the same way when I come from a trip. He wants me to snuggle with him and then he will have nothing to do with me for about 2 days - to punish me you see, for leaving him and Kate behind.

  2. oh my. thank goodness you were there.

  3. Terrifying! And so glad it worked out!

  4. Awww! I wish my kittehs got along well enough for the double-shoulder snuggle. If I tried it they'd be reaching around the back of my head to kill each other.

  5. Oh your girls are just too lovely...double shoulder snuggles...can it get better than that? Glad that little Miss Hester is okay.

  6. Be lucky you noticed the problem. My mom found out what the cat ate when she noticed a rubber band half way out the rear end. No damage was done to kitty internals but the potentional was there. Also nice to know Enid forgave you prying open her mouth.

  7. That's a scary close call. Thank goodness the adorable Hester is alright and back to snuggling. Glad you've got enough shoulders for all the pretty kitties in your family.


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