Monday, May 25, 2009

Sun babies

The girls LOVE the sun. My apartment only gets sun in the evening so every drop is soaked up by the girls. I will never dare to move one EVER again. I got promptly reprimanded.


  1. Ah sweet sunlight. My pair love the morning sun in my room and the afternoon sun in my roomate's room. So delightful.

    The girls are simply beautiful and getting so big! It's amazing :)

  2. Nothing better than a kitty lounging in the sun...and I think all cats are hardwired to love soaking up rays :) Even my Persian cats with their huge fluffy coats seek out every bit of sunlight they can find...they're almost like sundials, moving from room to room from one sunny spot to the next at precise times :)

    I'm constantly amazed at how grown up your girls look :) Love them both!

  3. Look how big these beauties are getting! And, they look very pretty in their sun patch happiness. Yeah. I wouldn't think moving them a good idea. :)


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