Saturday, May 9, 2009

Little helper

While doing the morning laundry Hester decide to help me by bringing me a shirt she thought needed cleaning. I was completely stunned that my photograph didn't turn out the way I expected. I kid you not Hester had my shirt in her mouth and dragged it to the correct pile.

I guess it is her way of saying Happy Mother's Day to their birth mamas, human foster mommas and cat foster mammas.  I don't see myself as a momma but rather as a friend who gets more and more love each day.

Enid: I HELP too don't you know! *Snort*
Me: Yes, Enid you did help by pointing out to Hester which shirt in my closet need to be brought to the laundry.
Enid: That's right. Don't you forget it! *Licks my nose*


  1. what smart girls you have there! :)

  2. When my Nellie decides to "help" me like that, I call it "Nelping." It's usually far more Nelpful than helpful.

  3. Sweet little Hester...such a wonderful helper :) Can I borrow her once in a while to help me with laundry?

  4. So Hester, where did you acquire your domestic skills? First the bed, now the laundry?

    Red, Hester has some real earning potential here! "Hester's Heavenlty Houseshold Help" perhaps?

  5. What a good helper you are, Hester! How sweet of you to help Red with the laundry. Enid, you have the makings of a supervisor, that you do.

    Charlemagne and Tamar

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  7. That's awesome! Bravo Hester!
    Wish I could train my own furries to help... that would compensate for the messiest beast of the troop: the husband! ;p


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