Monday, August 17, 2009

So you won't....

hold me when I request it in the morning. I especially love to be held while you eat breakfast or dry your hair. I do not understand why you can't drop what you are doing and hold me. Do you not understand my needs and wants? It is crucial that I get held for at least 30 minutes at a time every hour on the hour. Red, I think the hair dyes are effecting your ability to reason and to hold me.

In retaliation I will steal all the toilet paper in the house and destroy it!

Note: Hester did find where the toilet paper was stored and destroyed two rolls. I am working on a solution where I can hold her AND eat breakfast at the same time. It is difficult particularly when she insists on giving me buddy bumps between bites and rubbing her cheeks on my nose between sips of the morning hot beverage of choice.


  1. Hester looks like a formidable adversary. Perhaps you should switch to cold coffee - you can at least slurp that through a straw.

  2. Oh my poor sweet little Hester...circumstantial evidence, Red! I refuse to believe that sweet little Hester is capable of demolishing anything, let alone the evil toilet paper roll...she was framed, I tell you, framed!

    Maybe a good solution would be one of those things that people use to strap babies on their chest :) Very undignified, I'm afraid (for Hester) but at least you can hold her and eat at the same time :) Or just give up breakfast :) *evil smile*

  3. OK. She has speckles on her left arm. Nobody said anything about that before. I was completely unprepared, and almost fell over from the cuteness. She's *even* cuter than I thought! So, I believe she's innocent, photo evidence notwithstanding.

  4. You see it's like. (Hester called and told me after the incident so you know it is true.) The paper roll was tormenting Enid. It said very cruel things and was about to make Enid cry. Hester was just defending her sister. It is your fault for having such horrid items in the house.
    I think she definately deserves extra snuggles for her bravery.
    (By the way, if you figure out how to hold a cat and dry your hair let me know. Oliver would be very appreciative.)

  5. Hyacinth, that's exactly what I had to do with my Melanie. It was a choice between that, not going to work in the morning, or having my ankles mauled beyond recognition.

  6. Have you tried wrapping Hester in one of your sweaters and putting her next to you during breakfast? Like a Hester Purrito? I do think TWO rolls of TP was a bit much to destroy.

  7. Hester will eventually get you trained. We got our momma to the point where she can do lots of things and still hold us.

    Those were mighty ferocious rolls of toilet paper that you destroyed - our humans don't understand how awful they can be!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  8. I have a kitty sling for one of my cats - she's very needy and clingy, and I find that it helps quite a bit if I need my hands free but she still needs her cuddles. (I bought it on etsy for about $40.) :)


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