Monday, August 10, 2009

One patch of sun and cleaning house

Enid: I AM NOT MOVING! It is warm here and I want to take a nap. Mop some other time Red. (I have red hair again ... hairdresser cannot decide which is the best color for me)
Me: Enid don't you think you could find better use for your time? Like looking for your collar? You took it off days ago and I still cannot find it!
Enid: Collar? What collar? I don't know of what you are talking about.
Me: Sigh. I am still mopping this floor.
Enid: Try it!

I had to mop around the sunspot. Not even a drop of water made Enid move. Hester waited patiently for me to sweep again so she could chase the broom and sit in the dirt pile.


  1. Hester is a champ, I must say. You're one lucky woman to have two such sweet little girls.

  2. Awww. My kits are exactly the same only I don't have the heart to move them, or in Albert's case,the courage. lol

  3. Oh, my Sam loves her a good dirt pile.

  4. That is so funny! I love that Enid refused to give up her prime spot in the sun, even after the dreaded "drop of water" :) She reminds me of my Poppy, I have to vacuum around her (she won't budge), then pick her up and vacuum under her (while she's in my arms), and plonk her back on her spot!


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