Monday, August 31, 2009

I didn't do anything

Me: Enid. What did you do with your collar?
Enid: Ummm, collar, what collar? I am just playing with my green bouncy snake. Hester has a lovely collar. I never had a collar. I think you love her more than me.
Me: Enid. I bought you a collar but you took it off one night. Don't you remember?
Enid: Ahh, yeah. I do remember.
Me: So where is it?
Enid: I dunno.

Me: Hester?
Hester: Yes.
Me: Where is Enid's collar?
Hester: I dunno but I do know this...this collar is coming off tonight and you will never find it! Mwahahahaha.
Me: Why do you two insist on ditching your collars?
Enid: Collars ruin my hunting.
Hester: The tag gets in my way when I jump.
Me: What am I to do with you too? Come here. I need some snuggles.
Hester: Excuse me. I need to run. Rrrrrooooooarr.
Enid: Waaaaaaiiiitttttt foooorrrrr meeeeeeee


  1. Those Angel wings are sooo deceiving! ;D

  2. Missing collars, toys, all manner of things. Reminds me of my house!

  3. I love the look of: Who me? I'm innocent. Goes really well with the angel wings. :D

  4. Cats. Nothing is ever, ever, EVER their fault.

    Unless, of course, they're boasting about having done something, and in that case, the concept of "fault" never applies.

  5. Mischievous little girls. The collar is probably under the refrigerator or some such hard to reach place. Don't you love the bounty that turns up when you move a piece of furniture?

  6. How could anyone accuse these little angels of doing anything wrong? Red, I think you should just take the blame for the missing collars :)


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