Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Christmas gift decisions

After cleaning up this morning's mess from Hester's midnight raid on the toilet paper stash I have decided to invest in a lock box for me so I can lock up her drug of choice.

Shhhh, don't spread the word but I believe this is what I will do for Christmas.

  1. Invest in a Christmas tree with non-breakable ornaments.
  2. Purchase for Hester two rolls of toilet paper for her enjoyment
  3. Beg Rejuvenations to send me some of their packing material for Enid. (The girl LOVES it) and get an interactive toy so she can run
  4. For myself - knitted Japanese lucky cats to look like Hester and Enid because I am incredibly lucky to have them in my life. HESTER! Drop that roll of paper!


  1. Wow - a lock box for the toilet paper. Fortunately I have a separate laundry/storage room where I keep the extra rolls. Mine haven't quite figured out that the one in use is available to them. Shhh!!!

  2. Great idea on the lock box...must keep addicts away from their drugs :-)

    I'm loving the Christmas gift ideas...last year I bought my kitties all sorts of toys and treats for Christmas...they ignored the toys and played with the wrapping paper...so this year, they're all getting a little piece of wrapping paper!

  3. Do you have a closet you can put a baby lock on it for the toliet paper? As I have 2 Maine Coons who LOVE to climb, the bottom half of our tree is non-breakable. And we NEVER leave the tree and the beasts alone together. Who knows what naughty behavior would ensue. Best gift according to Reilly? A wad of tin foil.

  4. Be sure to wrap the toilet paper up and put it under the tree. That way Hester can have the fun of tearing the paper off the outside before she tears the paper off the roll.

  5. Rather than using hooks to hang those ornaments, use ribbon. It's safer by far and stays on the ornament in a ready to go manner year after year.

  6. I love this list - especially the knitted lucky cats at the end. So sweet. I am very partial to your girls, too, and I am glad they are so loved.


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