Sunday, August 9, 2009

A day with Dad

FYI this was written in July. The house, the girls and work have kept me away from the computer and the camera.

The girls spend a day with my Dad while he installed our screen door. While my Dad was in the house this is what transpired according to him.

Dad: Enid? What the HELL (he swears when he is annoyed with kittens) are you doing??!!!!
Enid: i kin esplain *mouthful of leather armchair*
Dad: It has better be good and fast!
Enid: Ummmm....ummmmMe: Enid Marie LaBath! *swats Enid's butt* We do not chew the furniture!
Enid: *Looks at Dad* Tattle tale. *Swats Dad's ankle*


I was walking by the front door window and Hester takes a flying leap for my back so she can see outside and watch Dad work.

Me: Gah! Hester. Give a girl a bit of warning!
Hester: I did! What's he doing? I like him. *Purring* This window smells funny. I will mark it with my cheeks.
Dad: Hey there Hester! What you doing? *Tapping the glass and making cooing sounds* GAH! *Runs in to the house* (he got stung by a bee)
Hester: Owie. Let me look at that. Tsk, tsk. It needs a good cleaning. I will clean it for you.
Dad: Thanks Hester.

Hester finding the best spot on the bed...right next to the window.
Enid enjoying the WHOLE bed.
The girl love exploring the recycle bin.


  1. Great to see these pretty (and busy) little girls again!

  2. Haha, love their bed arrangements. Nice to see everyone getting all comfortable.

  3. Oh, your girls are just delightful! So glad that they enjoyed Grandpa's visit...well, Hester at least :) Seems like everyone is settling nicely in the new house :)

  4. Are Enid and Hester usually together?

  5. Ducky,

    Enid and Hester tend to go their own way. BUT there are moments when they cuddle and enjoy each other's company...after they fight for prime real estate on the bed, the couch, the cat tower, the bookshelf.... :P

  6. Whoa, I haven't checked in for a while... good to see they're making the house their own!

    LOL on the fight/cuddle... new digs mean lots work staking out territory! Ought to keep them busy for a while!


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