Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sniff, smell familiar

I have been recovering from my trip away from the girls. When I arrived home I was not only exhausted from work and travel but also without a voice. I was greeted by the girls who were in one moment happy and the next with a crinkled nose of "You smell funny!"  In their defense I did smell funny due to heavily garliced asparagus eaten two days prior. The girls kept me up to 1 am as punishment for my abandonment. Things have been slowly returning to normal - meaning I am getting my daily cuddles and midnight snuggles from the girls

I am sorry that I haven't posted any kitten conversations. Enid and Hester have been quite
 talkative since I returned home. It usually runs to the "Where the hell have you been? The visitors kept shoving us off the bed when we wanted to play at 2 am! Can I play with that?"

A couple mornings ago this was been the kitten conversation -

Me: Girls! I have opened the windows for you. 
Enid: Hester! The window is open! Woooooohooooo! Come on! *runs to the window and runs around in circle and runs back to Hester*
Hester: What?!
Enid: *Bops Hester on head* HESTER!!!!!!!!!! The window is open!
Hester: So what?! I am comfy right here in bed.
Enid: I'm telling! *runs for me and bites me in ankle*
Me: Hey! What was that for?!
Enid: I have a stooopid sister. *Stomps off to window*

And when did the girls learn to jump up on the forbidden kitchen counter to steal tea bags?!


  1. the girls have sure grown and are very beautiful. I too had been away and know what you are going through with the welcoming committee...your kitties are very funny!!

  2. Too funny! I keep my teabags under lock and key. My kitties would have a field day.

  3.'re back :) I love your posts and especially the kittie conversations :) Enid is such a hoot and sweet little Hester just wants some peace and quiet!

  4. Welcome back!

    On my own travels, I encountered a kitty who perhaps is related to Enid. This one has either two pairs of angel wings OR a silly face on her back. You decide.

  5. So glad to see you back, and a couple of sweet pictures, too!

  6. Annef,

    I think when she was conceived some feline was in LOVE with kitten butt. :P and it was passed on to the progeny.


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