Monday, March 23, 2009

Everything that glitters is mine

Hester: I LUVS a glitter ball. I love it in the morning. I love it in the noon-time. I love it in the evening. I love it especially when Red is in the shower. She still plays with me when she is all shampooie. Toss one glitter ball in the shower and it come flying out with the greatest of speed! Wow. Excuse me while I get it out of the laundry basket.

Update: Saturday the girls got their rabies shot. I put it off as long as I could since I don't like that shot and my girls are indoor girls. BUT I thought Enid might have pink eye and Hester has a hard spot on her toe pad that had me concerned. Enid doesn't have pink eye but Hester has a "corn" on her toe pad and her gums were not the healthiest pink the doc would like to see. 

Enid: Do you have any idea what they do with a cold pointy thing?! OMG! It was horrible. HORRIBLE! I tell you. Red, you do this to me again I swear I will..... Red, can I bite her? Please? I don't like that cold pointy thing.

Hester: It can't be that bad, Sissie. Icaramba! It is. Oh, a camera. She is gonna take my picture. I am ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille. (I had to practically lay on her because she DID want a close up!)

The doc wasn't too worried because I think she got the feeling that I watch them like a hawk...and I do. The girls weighed in at a whopping 8 lbs. The doc said they are a little bit on the chunky side but she would not point fingers since her cats are also on the chunky side. We are slowly reducing food for the girls AND brushing of the teeth is in order.

Enid: Brush my teeth! Please! I love my tooth brush. Again! Again! Can I chew on it too, Red? Oh, thank you. Brush-ah, brush-ah, brush-ah!

Hester: Do I have to?! Can't I just lick the toothbrush? No, no, no! I don't want to brush my teeth. I don't care how tasty the toothpaste is....I don't want to. Don't care if my teeth might be removed when I get older. Don't care. *Stomps foot*

My niece spend the night and chased the girls all over the apartment with declarations of "She is sooooo cute! She is sooooo adorable!" Enid and Hester were really good. They gave my niece the requisite purrs and head bumps.

Tomorrow I leave for my business trip. I definitely don't want to go. I have bribed friends to relocate to my apartment so the girls are not alone. I think my friends are excited for exclusive one on one time with the girls as well as the mini vacation with a cookie jar stocked full of my excellent (in my humble opinion) sour-cherry chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.


  1. Good luck with the teeth brushing - I've never managed to convince my furkid that it was a good idea. I think he feels like Hester does.

    And have a safe trip. I'm sure the girls will do well with the babysitters, but will be thrilled to have their mom back.

  2. Aww, poor Hester and Enid... that silver pointy object is rather nasty.

    oh my gosh, your cookies sound divine! Any chance of a recipe posting?

  3. Jack has definite negative opinions about brushing his teeth. It is a total no-go. He doesn't let me clip his claws either. However, we take one step into Petco to have them do it and he is the easiest cat. The girls are getting so big! I love these posts.

  4. Oh goodness, each time you post pictures, it looks like they've grown a bit more...such gorgeous young ladies!

    Laughed at Enid's horror of the "cold pointy thing" :) I took my Bino to the vet yesterday and after his unsuccessful attempt at biting the vet, he turned into a whiny little boy, crying with the most pitiful meows ever :)

    Have fun on your trip (even though it's for work) and I'm sure no matter how much the girls will be spoiled by their sitters, they'll still miss "their Red" :)

  5. Have a good trip!

    A friend with four cats says one of them has a special "MRORRW!" that he exclaims only at the vet, and it's the one he keeps for saying "Get that thing out NOW."

    You and your cats share a telepathic bond, I swear. You know exactly what it is that they're saying to themselves.


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