Monday, March 16, 2009

Growing up

The girls are growing up before my eyes. My friend came over and said they look like young ladies. The have all the appearances of young ladies but let me tell you they can be very troublesome when they haven't gotten their way.

To give you a little kitten fix, Enid found my prize fish from an archery event. She trucked that fish around the apartment like a little huntress with her kill. Hester watched the antics from the safety of the sofa. I should have taken the hint because when I tried to take the fish from her she became the lioness.

Sorry for the funky format. Technology and me today are not a good mix. The second picture is Enid going to town on the fish. The first picture is Enid resting after the battle.


  1. look at the smile on that kitty she found her fix and now dreaming about it..just to cute!!

  2. Oh that fish is almost as big as Enid...good job little lioness!

    I love the first picture, sleepy kitty, arm tucked under her chin, big smile on her face...just pure bliss!

  3. Wow - she takes on big challenges :)

  4. Such the brave little warrior.

  5. She's such an angel -- when she's sleeping!


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