Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Of Kitties and Friends

Hello everyone! My name is Talanea and I will be your guest blogger today. Enid and Hester's Mom is a little busy this week so she asked me if I could entertain you. So sit back and enjoy the kitties, we hope to have a pleasant time.
I have two kitties (or CATS as my very precise 7 year-old would say). Both are almost 8 years-old and they aren't nearly as adventurous as Enid and Hester.

Oliver (aka Big Kitty)

Mouse (because he's gray, has largish ears and hid in a closet for the first three days after we brought him home)

A version of their day goes something like this:
Morning - The people are awake

Oliver: Great. She's probably going to hug and kiss me again. Drat this massive amount of fluff I have.

Mouse: Whatever. I'm sleeping.

Both: Food, food, food. Don't forget the food.

Morning - The people depart
Nap (preferably in a sun beam when we have any)

Terrorize Stuff (I haven't actually seen this step but I'm sure it happens)

Nap (Hey, where is that sun stuff?)

Terrorize each other (ditto on seeing it)

Look cute because it is almost time for the people to return
Afternoon - The people return
Oliver: Oh man. The little one is going to pick me up again. I'm almost as big as he is. What makes him think he can carry me around.
Mouse: Pay attention to me; but not to much.
Oliver: Arrrgghhh! More hugs, petting, snuggling and fluff fluffing!
Both: Did someone say treat! Meow, meow, purr, purr. Look how cute we are. Life is good. Break out the laser toy!
Oh, DOG!

Evening - The people relax

Both: Food, food, food. Oh, did we mention FOOD!!!!
Oliver: Ah, she's sitting. I wonder if I can lay on the back of her seat right against her head without her moving me or her having to get up.
Mouse: I'll be napping in the corner by the window should anyone need me. Try not to need me.
Oliver: {rolling his eyes. trust me} She's touching me.
As you can see, hardly the excitement that two little kittens generate but they are cute none the less and we are very happy to have them in our lives.

For the record Oliver is the most patient cat I've ever met. He puts up with two active little boys deciding that he either needs to be in the middle of their play space (despite where he wants to be) or that they need to carry him away from their play space for whatever random reason.

Mouse has mellowed with age (skittish doesn't even begin to describe how he was). He was actually letting the little one carry him around in a container the other day. To his credit his look was more disbelief than sheer terror, so we've gone in the right direction.

Now, since I know you didn't come here to hear about my kitties here are some gratuitous pictures of Enid and Hester from Christmas time.

Thank you for spending time with us. Happy midweek!


  1. Oh, thank you Talanea and Karen! I needed my kitty fix, so it is really good of you thinking of us readers.

    I've never lived with cats, so I found this just as interesting as the romps of the 'kids'. Your fluffballs are gorgeous!

  2. Hello there! I enjoyed reading about Oliver and Mouse, and thanks for filling in for Enid and Hester's mom! Your kitties seem to be similar to mine in age, and I imagine that my kitties would tell a similar story! If they ever quit eating/napping long enough to write, that is :-) Thanks!

  3. Your kitties are just precious, I enjoyed hearing about them too! You captured the day in the life of a cat just fine. Thanks for filling in and sharing your "babies".

  4. Hi Talanea, thank you for sharing your kitties with us :) Oliver and Mouse (what an awesome name for a cat) are lovely and their day seems pretty much similar to our adult kitties' day...and you're right about the activities that goes on when you're not home...I work from home and I'm a witness to the two things that you mentioned...terrorizing stuff and terrorizing each's all great fun :)

  5. Hello Talanea (great name!) and hello Karen, too.

    Thanks for more delightful catpics. Oliver is a very handsome cat indeed and Mouse looks utterly adorable.

    And it's not a bad thing to remind Enid and Hester that they're not the only kitties to claim our attention!!

    Hope you all enjoy having such beautiful felines in your lives.

  6. It's always nice to meet new little sweeties! Don't they add so much to our lives?


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