Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hester of the Soft Paws

Hester has the softest paws. Not when you touch them (they are soft to touch too) but when she is playing with me. She NEVER uses her claws. She knows that hurts so she keeps her paws soft. I love that she is kind, gentle and patient with me BUT then I know what a trouble maker she can be. This may look like the face of innocence but underneath that beauty lurks a little mischievous girl.

Hester's day is very similar to Enid's. Hester is not much of a talker yet. I am still trying to hear her voice. Her affection and moods are easier to understand.

Hester: Puuurrrrrr. *Murmuring* Blondie you are nice and warm.

Early morning
Hester: I'm gonna get you Enid. Roarrrrr! Blondie just you wait! I will make it to the counter and get your pancakes too! OMG! She is drying her hair with that blowy thing! (Hester loves to sit on my shoulders while I dry my hair - I tried to take a picture but it was too hard to balance Hester while Enid pulled the camera strap). *Gasp* The blonde girl is cleaning our toilet, Enid. Let's watch! Don't leave! You don't have to work! Stay. Stay. I will purr louder if you stay. Can I come too? 

Hester: Flash! Flash! Bright light! Don't do that Blondie!

Hester: Feathers! Hold it higher! I can jump REALLY high!


  1. Life is busy for a kitten!

    I can see that you have plenty of company in the mornings while getting ready for the day... :)

  2. Drat...I just left a comment but goofed it up. Hope this doesn't appear twice, sorry.

    Anyway, I came over from the IBKC and I really enjoy reading about the ongoing adventures of Enid and Hester Sue! Their antics remind me of when my cats were itty bitty kittens. So very precious! Enjoy this time!

    And I hope you are all OK...I have heard distressing reports about flooding in the Seattle area!

  3. Aw, "Soft Paws", how sweet!

    My late cat (had to let her go on 8th December) had a similar thing about her teeth. We would play "handy, grabby, bitey" - if you tickled her tummy while she was lying down, she would grab your hand with her paws (no claws in evidence) and put it in her mouth, just to let you know she could bite you if she wanted, but she didn't want to. Dear old Muddle!

    I'm really enjoying watching your kittens and finding out about their busy little lives - thanks so much for taking the time to keep us mere humans informed!

  4. Oh sweet precious little Hester...she's just going to grow up to be a lovely young lady, all dainty and proper :)

  5. What a sweetheart!!!

    Patti in KY

  6. There's something about Hester's sweet little face that melts me every time I see her. Is she as darling as she looks?
    Barbara B.

  7. Anonymous -

    Hester is a sweet and loving as she looks and more. Enid it too busy during the day for snuggles. Hester loves to be held and Enid loves to make people laugh.

  8. What cute little kitties :)
    So young and active ;)
    If you like more kitty bloggers visit the Cat Blogosphere
    My name is Mickey and I like to blog too.I am a 15 year old cat and have two 5 year old sisters
    that drive me nuts,heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  9. Your girls are too sweet.
    My Chloe is very good at using velvet paws, except when one pets her tummy...

  10. Hi Hester & Enid! We are very pleased to meet you and we will be back to read more of your adventures!!
    Your FL furiends,

  11. They're so precious - honestly I think that all the babies who start out under Charlene Butterbean's firm paw are the sweetest ever! And yes, thank you SO much for sharing them with us; this is GREAT!


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