Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My daily adventure with Enid and Hester

Long time no post, huh? Life has kept me very busy. According to my friends the girls are growing. I don't see it myself. All I see is the amount of food they are eating. 

Enid and Hester: What is that beeping?! Oh. You are moving. Too fast!!!! We are hungry but still want snuggles.
Me: Groan. *Big sigh* Another day. Enid, can you move over a bit so I can turn off the alarm? Yes, Hester. I would love to snuggle longer but I hear tummies growling.
...So I feed the girls. I turn my back for one second and all the food is gone. 
Enid and Hester: Is there more?
....while getting ready for work
Me: Hester, I would love to hold you all day but I have to work to bring home more food for you and your sister. Enid, I can't brush you right now. Oh, crap. Don't put your glitter ball under my foot. I almost tripped! Hester would you not crawl into the  drawers. It takes time to remove the drawer.

Enid: Throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball. You can throw the mouse too if you want.
Me: Look, girls. I don't particularly enjoy cleaning the litter box but you make it exceedingly difficult by playing in the litter box and watching me.

Afternoon (if I am home)
Hester: I am just gonna curl up right here and take a 2 hour nap. You good with that?
Me: Ummm, Hester. I can't see my book. Mibjngeuiiuvborg. Whew. That's much better. I can talk to you and everyone else if you don't lay on my face. Just sayin'. Ack! Enid! I am not a linebacker. There is plenty of room if you two share me rather than laying on top of each other then fighting over who has the best spot.


Hester: Freeeeeee-doommmmmmm! *Runs out the apartment door* (Thank goodness there is another door before she can ever escape however I think I have tamed her from running out.)
Me: HESTER! Do not snatch food out of the bowl! That's my dinner! (She was stealing seitan and onions. This evening Enid stole lettuce.)

Enid: I'm hungry. Can you rub my belly? Mwahahaha! I attack your hand! Okay, now feed me. (She does a funny head shake when I come home - it is truly indescribable)
Hester: HOLD ME!!!!!
Me: (eventually in bed) HESTER! Stop scratching the head board. ENID! Don't chew on the library book!
Enid and Hester: RUN! Can't catch me!

They keep me busy! My parents just met the kittens a couple of weeks ago. They both approve of their kitten "grandchildren." My Mother especially loves Hester. My Dad is partial to a girl that acts like a dog and plays rough so I suspect he loves Enid the most. He laughed so hard over Enid's antics. When she plays she uses her back foot a lot. The glitter ball is always under her back foot. She stomps on it and then goes completely wacko. Hester is strictly a traditionalist when it comes to playing with toys.

Uh-oh. Silence. They are up to something! Later!


  1. Being hoomin mom kittens is hard work. I've not had two kittens at the same time so i can't imagine what it's like. I've got enough with one lol :)

  2. my three boys LOVE lettuce, but it needs to be good lettuce, romaine will do, red leaf is better and green is best, LOL... they supervise my lunch packing / sandwich making progress every night so they can beg!! but don't let them eat onions -- very bad according to internet!! http://cats.about.com/cs/catfood/a/humanfood.htm

    thank you for keeping up the blog -- I love reading the updates!!

    Allison (and Hamlet and Houdini and Elliott)
    Dunlap TN

  3. Hey! So glad you three are back. I enjoyed the new pics of those sweet (wonderfully bad) little girls.

  4. *laughing - a lot*

    The running monologue is not unlike life in our 4 cat household (three aged around 3 and one 19 year old!)


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