Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Get your motor runnin' AKA Enid's daily doings

Enid has a huffy purr and is learning to talk more not only to me but to the birds as well. Enid always has a busy day. Lots of things to do each day.

Early-early morning
Enid: Shove over Blondie! I need a bit more room to sleep *Licks (my) chin* Hester *grumbling* your foot is in my eye.

Early morning
Enid: I'm hungry. Let me show you how hungry I am by laying my stomach on your ear so you can hear my tummy growl. Are you getting up yet??!!! *Grumble* I am just gonna crawl down and nibble on your toes.
Me: Yeeee-oooww!
Enid: Oh, look you are up! Um, I am hungry. Can you give me some food?

Enid: Roar! I kill you glitter ball! *Stomps on it with back feet* Heeeeeesssssttteeeerrrrrrr! Tag you're it! Feathers, nummy. Is that a bird I see in the window? Oh, look a ceiling fan. Blondie!!!!! I am thirsty. Can you turn on the faucet in the bathroom? Better yet, I will sit in the bathtub after your shower. Ah, man! Stop drying me off with a towel, Blondie. I can do it myself.
Afternoon is a repeat of the morning romps.
Enid: Dangit! I don't wanna take a nap! I am NOT cranky and I am NOT, NOT, NOT tired! *Zzzzpurrrzzzzpurrrzzzpurrr*

Late afternoon
Enid: Where are my glitter balls *Wailing* Where are they? Achoo! Hey Blondie! Someone put my glitter ball in the water. Can you get it for me?! Feather toy! OMG, OMG! It MOVES!
That grocery sack you brought in is WONDERFUL! Great for hiding toys and sneaking up on Sister.

Enid: Blondie, why are you doing with that noisy clicky thing that sit on your lap. You pay more attention to that then to me. I am just gonna put my butt down on it and then you have to pay attention to ME. Oooh. Aaahhh. This thing you have in your lap is warm. I see why you like it. Purrrr. Seconds later..... Yaahhhhhh! I can catch you Hester! Minutes later....Throw the mouse! Throw it! Throw it!

Enid: Can I bring some toys to bed, Blondie. Thanks. Move over! You're crowding me but don't stop basking in the beauty that is ME. *Licks (my) nose*


  1. I love kitties. I have 3 that I rescued. They are so much fun to watch and play with. All 3 have such unique personalities.

  2. Couldn't sleep in CT. Reading about Enid's adventures was just the thing I needed to help me relax. Ah, kitten antics. Thanks for sharing, Blondie!

  3. Welcome back, Blondie!

    I was starting to worry that you really did have a prowler.

    I find that instead you have kittens. Very energetic and demanding kittens.

    They are such great little characters and their adventures (as described by their "staff") are a bright spot in the day. Thank you!

  4. Your descriptions of the kitties are so funny, you capture perfectly the "busyness" of being a kitty! They have their agenda and we are just there to serve.....

  5. How nice for Enid to have such a talented interperter! She should be quite happy with your musing on her daily schedule. But the food really needs to come quickly.....

  6. Enid has quite the busy day, doesn't she. How does Hester's day go in comparison? My Jack is a napper, so it's basically a morning nap, a mid-morning nap, lunch, an afternoon nap, late afternoon nap, dinner, evening nap, sleeping for the night. Occasionally he will get up and play, but only after the kitten has annoyed him long enough. There really is nothing quite like having a kitten in the house.

  7. Oh goodness...most people don't realize how much hard work goes into being a kitten...I'm exhausted just reading about Enid's day! Looking forward to reading about Hester's daily routine now :)

  8. What a booger-girl!!! Good thing she has those angel wings so she at least can appear innocent!!!

    Patti in KY

  9. Oh, my, she really is a handful! No wonder her angel wings are a bit on the small side. :-)

    Why is it that (most) small creatures can drive us crazy and make us love them for it?

  10. I'm so glad to find your Blog about Enid and Hester Sue. I fell in love with Enid on IBKC. It will be nice to keep up with them over the years.


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