Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bumps, bruises and cuts

Our 4th of July was eventful and uneventful. I discovered that I am quite equipped to handle all kinds of bumps, bruises and minor scraps. Hester in general Hester glory cut her toe pad when she slipped in the door frame. It is a pretty deep cut but not enough (I think) for the vet to see or stitch up. It didn't bother her at all since she had lots of kittens to watch from the windows. I had feral kittens playing the yard. They were adorable. However Hester began to have a problem with her toe when I discovered blood on the window sill. I immediately fussed with her and stood in front of the kitten TV. Unacceptable to her.

She kindly consented to letting me look, peroxcide and neosporine it. I did that throughout the day and yesterday. She still played hard and ran like the wind. I tried to keep her quiet to get a scab formed. Two day of watching, cleaning and trying to get her to rest are USELESS! I called good friends who are major cat people and SOOPER intelligent. They told me to use New Skin. It was created by vets for animals but it is on the market for people now. I have two applications on Hester's toe. I am hoping it will hold until I get home from work. She is just very active!

The girls weathered the fireworks quite well. Hester slept through most of it. Enid paced and gave me 1 second status reports. Yesterday, Enid became entranced with a cantaloupe that I purchased. I need to remember to bring my camera everywhere with me. She draped herself over the ripening fruit. I think she was telling it that it smelled wonderful.

If you have any hints or tips on keeping a toe pad closed so it can get a nice scab to heal, please let me know!


  1. Hi...I couldn't help but notice Hester's name. That's MY name too. I call myself Admiral Hestorb for my blog, but my name is Hester. :-)
    I will keep watch to see if anything is suggested for pads. I may hurt mine one day.

    Give Hester a head butt for me, tell her I am sure she's is beautiful like me.

  2. Good luck with the pad. Can you fix the door sill where she cut her foot? Or pad it?
    Looks like Miss Enid might be developing a taste for cantalope. I know of 2 cats who would do ANYTHING for a piece. Try it on her & Darling Hester.


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